Why Does Control of Your Own Mind Matter So Much?

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Ignorance is not bliss, and yet, the expression “ignorance is bliss” finds its way into our thoughts. Not surprising given that this is a mind-controlling message. It tells you that lack of knowledge is a more pleasant experience that having knowledge. Who on the conscious journey hasn’t had the thought that it was much easier before being awakened? I’m sure you’ve encountered some people in your travels who seem quite happy, but are oblivious to the effect of their energies, or unaware of their inner self. So while there seems to be some truth in this statement, this is a reversal of the truth. The question to ask is, ‘Who stands to gain from this misdirection?” It’s not you and it’s not humanity. It’s those that would rather have you stay disempowered.

Reversal of our energies is one significant means by which the collective human mental body has been corrupted on this planet, and there are many ways. Being ignorant of them does not lead to nirvana. It leads to manipulation of your life force and your authentic being. Further, they impede your consciousness expansion, and therefore, the positive shift on the planet that we all support. So, below I give you a glimpse into a few mind control tactics. Your awareness of these ego structures can help you rise above this victimization.

What is the Ego, Really?

Before we can understand the forms of mind control, it’s helpful to know why it is that mind control can happen at all. There is an inorganic filter on the coccyx of the human body (reptilian tail) that serves to have the mind control the body. This is why the ego-mind, for most humans, is still misperceived as identity, as though this is who they are.

This corruption of the human mental body began about 5,500 years ago when intruder races imposed a hybridization agenda on humans. These service-to-self races intended to stop human spiritual activation as well as the consciousness of our true spiritual-energetic identity. By gaining control of the human DNA and body in this way, they could harness the energy of the much-coveted human soul as a power source for their own perpetuation.

While the ego mind/ego personality is accepted as “normal” in our earthly 3-dimensional reality, this ego filter is a dead energy (anti-life) mind control structure. If a human unconsciously directs their life by their ego, they are susceptible to entity control, abuse, and enslavement through a myriad of manipulation tactics and artificial technologies. This has been carried out throughout our history and now. This is why ego discipline and self-mastery is so important during this ascension timeline.

Some Inorganic Mind Control Methods

Mental Looping: This occurs when your thoughts become focused on one idea, sometimes to the extent that they become obsessive. When speaking to someone you may have heard yourself unnecessarily repeat yourself; they heard you and it’s understood, but for some reason you say the same thing several times in your story. This is one form of mental looping, and it’s valuable to take notice if this is your pattern. When more extreme, you have great difficulty breaking away from a singular focus of your inner self-talk. It can be much like a line from a song that you can’t get out of your head, but it can be far more negative such as, “Nobody cares about me. I’m all alone”. Sometimes it will be mired in defensive blame; “How dare he tell me that I’m selfish. He’s the one that’s selfish!” Either way, the ego-mind persists so much that it throws you off your spiritual centre by keeping you in your lower mental body.

The first step in preventing yourself from being sucked into this vortex of mental repetition is to pay attention to your thoughts and catch it when it happens. Then disengage through your compassionate witness consciousness. The moment you observe your own thoughts with non-attachment and love, you disconnect from the ego-mind, break the mind loop, and connect with your Higher Self. See it for what it is: a program that is stuck and that is all it is. The more you practise this discipline, it becomes easier to catch yourself as it occurs, until one day you are able to catch it before it hooks into you. Eventually it will have no place in your life. It is worthwhile to also pay attention to what the self-talk expression consisted of for deeper inner healing of this issue (see my Healing Support services). You may also want to ask yourself why you are stuck in this thoughtform. For example, you may obsess about how you felt embarrassed that your spouse put you down in front of others, and if you were to ask why this keeps replaying itself in your mind, you may find that it’s because you said nothing and did not support yourself in your own authentic power.

To break obsessive thoughts you can also try: gently tapping 20 times on the back of your skull where it meets your spine; focusing on your  breathing; shifting your energy by going for walk or engaging in some other physical activity; listening to higher frequency music; or disconnecting from stressful stimulus – TV, Wi-Fi, cell phone, etc.) (see Quick Spirit Re-alignment under FREE TOOLS)

Obfuscation: When the mind is confused, clarity is simply out of reach. It’s like trying to see the bottom of a lake through the mud; you just can’t. You may have experienced someone who is all of a sudden behaving uncharacteristically and not making sense; the more you try to understand them the less you do. The intention behind creating this confusion is to throw you into self-doubt. Bear in mind that the person speaking may not be aware that they are not making sense; in many cases, they are being used as a puppet by a manipulating entity, and they may feel unclear or bewildered themselves. If you are unaware, you react to this tactic and become unhinged by it. You start to question your own sanity and why you can’t seem to get a grip on the conversation, or get them to explain themselves clearly. You lose your own clarity. Then you’ve become the victim to their victimization game.

Manipulators can also try to take control by creating confusion through complication; rather than respond to a simple question from you, they supply a lot of information that is unnecessary or beside the point. The effect is that you lose track of your intention and what you wanted to know, and walk away feeling “what just happened?” or wondering why you never got your answer.

To stop feeding and break any control drama: 1) become aware of yourself and that you are in a drama, 2) do not get caught in taking things personally, and instead command your space by fortifying your 12D Shield and reclaiming your authentic power, and 3) with non-judgment, call out the behavior of the other person  – what they are saying and doing, e.g. “you are rushing your words and expressing incomplete thoughts”, so they can see their own actions accurately and know that  you also aware of the manipulation (see Manipulation Awareness under FREE TOOLS).

Obfuscation has also been intended for humanity at the most profound level by keeping us unaware of the truth of who we are; our infinite Divine nature, our multi-dimensionality, our Divine blueprint, our intuition, our self-healing abilities, etc. Lies of omission, half-truths and deceit all work together to create this state of confusion on our planet.

Holographic Inserts: These are manipulations of your organic, holographic nature that create a false reality perception of what you are hearing or seeing; i.e. they are audio or video inserts of dead energy. These can be implanted at the first, second or third dimension of the ego-personality, causing you to form mental beliefs and emotions based on a false reality. As they induce fear, self-doubt, victim consciousness or perpetuate limiting messages, your actions are influenced. A clear example of this was shared by a woman who said that her child came into her room crying because she was under the impression that her mother was dying. It was very real to her and she could see this false story unravelling in her mind like a movie. Mom was fine, but this was designed to attack the mother’s Lightwork through her child. Inserts can also replay an internal message as a component of your self-talk. For example, a smoker may have a video insert, seeing himself as “cool and accepted” when he smokes, and is consequently manipulated to repeat the addictive behaviour. Addiction inserts are held at the 2D body layer, and take many forms including those that induce fears or self-diminishment, which result in unconsciously feeding the siphoning of energy. Inserts can also occur in sleep state and then retained in your awakened state.

Discerning the presence of these holographic inserts requires development of your higher sensory perception and much clearing of ego in order to read/feel the truth in the energetic signature, unless, of course, it’s obvious to you that what is playing through you is not true, such as in the first example above. While within your 12D Shield, you can always ask within whether you are experiencing a manipulation energy, and feel your body’s (not your mind’s) response. Know that they can also be identified and released with the Hieros Gamos Healing System for multi-dimensional clearing of these and all types of artificial frequency manipulations.

Armageddon Software: This programming creates fear by either triggering memories from other timelines, such as Atlantis, and/or implanting the idea of an inevitable worst-case scenario. Hollywood is masterful at activating this software with doomsday plots for the earth, filled with drama, trauma, and survival fears. They reinforce the false concept that we are finite and that life ends at death. You would think we have enough devastating scenarios in this reality, and yet, this method of control is intended to keep stimulating fear in the mind so that human energy can be siphoned.

The antidote to this is to keep the mind clear from Armageddon-type movies, media sensationalism, and buying into fear-mongering. Note that these media often do not simultaneously make any mention of our truth; that we are naturally powerful beings, and that we are ascending with the help of galactic Krystic forces (Christos consciousness), receiving higher frequencies into the planetary and human body, and overriding Armageddon timelines.

Mind Slides: This program propagates self-victimization in the human race through denial of issues or concepts that we find difficult to acknowledge, accept or are fearful to change. It’s much like being made blind to the obvious due to tunnel vision. A perfect example is the reluctance by most to recognize the alien agenda on this planet. Mind slides can keep humanity in complacency with such things as the rampant control over our sovereignty, sexual enslavement, abuses and injustices on this planet, unaware that our group consciousness is playing right into the perpetuation of the dark agenda.

Therefore, there is much value in staying awake and aware by questioning, exploring, developing your higher sensory perception, and being willing to meet ‘what is’ head on, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

Being Centred  – the Key Tool

Mind control programs are designed to inorganically influence not only the mind but also the central nervous system. The natural generally relaxing purpose of the parasympathetic system is compromised, causing the sympathetic system to also be unnaturally active in its fight or flight mechanics. This creates disruptive chaos. The misfiring of the sympathetic system is set off by the imbedded memories, and creates an ego or artificial response to circumstances. This is why you can get triggered so easily sometimes. Your out-of-proportion reaction to what’s transpiring in the ‘now’ moment is a clue that you are being triggered by an earlier/other experience. You may notice that when you get emotionally triggered it isn’t just the emotional body that gets the better of you, but the nervous system also feels rattled. If you were to be triggered repeatedly, it creates wear and tear on your nervous system. Many do not recognize this imbalance in themselves because this state is familiar and “normal”, always playing in the background, like energetic static. If you are always unsettled, it’s challenging to notice entity interference unless it’s more extreme than usual. So we develop foundational centeredness and inner stillness in our conscious journey, not just to feel balanced, but also because the calm serves to contrast against imbalancing manipulation; if you are centered you can feel the manipulation more easily, and maintain or regain your neutrality quickly.

To reset your nervous system, intend to “correct the nadial control panel” at the back of your heart. This is the etheric blueprint of your central nervous system.

Your Greatest Power

More powerful than all forms of mind control is your own consciousness. This is your freedom. Should you find yourself having experiences like those described above, please do not judge yourself in anyway, for anyone can experience these manipulations, and it’s fairly safe to say that almost everyone does, many unknowingly. Humans have been controlled for a long time in these ways and kept in the dark about this hidden agenda. However, we are now awakening to this understanding, and can reclaim our Divinity through commitment to our God-Self, ego-discipline, and tools. Please connect if you would like support. Let’s engage our Higher Minds to envision a world without manipulation!

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To drive the point home: a David Icke video from September 15/21 – Words In Your Head – How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’

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