Recognizing the Pattern of Addiction

sine wave

sine wave

Addiction patterns are rampant on this planet, not only because there is much unhealed pain, but because mind control and genetic manipulation has ensured that its destructive force is carried from generation to generation. We need only look at the multitude of ways that people cope with life’s pain to see that humanity at large keeps living from lower vibrations: alcoholism and drugs, sex, obsessions, greed, status, materialism, and victimization. While addictive patterns can be highly disruptive and obvious, they can also be subtle, creating limitation for even those that are on a conscious path. They are insidious in keeping us disempowered. No matter how mild or extreme the addiction, any addictive pattern keeps feeding the dark agenda.

The first step to healing any addiction is to recognize that there is a pattern. Until there is a conscious acknowledgement of the addiction and the problem or limitation it creates in one’s life, no amount of healing support can be helpful. The person first has to choose to want to stop the addiction.

  • The pattern resembles a sine wave of repetitive highs and lows. No coincidence that this is the same pattern of someone who does not know how to manage their emotions and feels their emotions are out of control: so to speak, happy one moment and tearful the next.
sine wave

sine wave

  • It’s always the ego that is looking for the high emotion and avoiding the low emotion. It would never be Spirit that needs to seek to feel good or be uplifted because consciousness is neutral.
  • The bottom of the wave below the neutral line represents pain, discomfort, disconnection or dis-ease. The negative ego seeks a way to avoid inner emotional, mental or physical pain and starts looking for an external, soothing coping strategy to distract it and numb the feelings. This addictive strategy is necessary because other strategies have not satisfied the internal need. For example, attempting to be perfect does not meet the need for approval, or being a bully does not gain respect, etc. Ego assumes that something outside of itself holds the answer.
  • The seeking takes the ego to some distraction that temporarily creates satisfaction. This is the good feeling and the curve above the line – the high. Any substance, behaviour or thought can provide this depending on the person’s need. For example, smoking, shopping, exercise, gambling, pornography, and consuming sugar can all alleviate the need to feel pain. Anything can turn into an addiction if there is an underlying propensity or genetic inheritance through miasmatic patterns in the family bloodline. For example, filling every moment of the day with something to do is a doing addiction to avoid being present with the inner self. Even the need to be spiritual can become an addiction.
  • Inevitably, the satisfaction provided by the addiction of choice wears off and the ego starts to become dissatisfied again, moving back toward pain below the line. Then the cycle repeats itself with the ego seeking another high.
  • The period of time between seeking episodes can vary greatly. If the pattern is not acknowledged and the true need remains unmet, the seeking can become more intense: whatever provides the “high” becomes less and less effective, requiring more frequent highs or more investment in creating the high. For example: having a social drink on the weekend becomes a nightly drink; a once-a-month shopping spree becomes a weekly event or the amount of goods purchased becomes excessive; playing one computer game turns into 5 at a time. Eventually, it can become a full-time occupation of the ego.
  • When even this perpetual high cannot help someone avoid feeling the pain, they “bottom out”: for example, no amount of the drug of choice is enough or no amount of spending is sufficient.
  • The key marker of any addiction is that there is an inability of the person to stop the addiction. For example, a person may say that they can stop eating sweets anytime, but if they try to do so, they find they cannot. “Something” always pulls them back into the addictive behaviour. The addiction has control over them.

If you have direct experience with the addictive pattern and are aware of the addiction, and even though you are diligently attempting to change it, you may notice that you can feel shame about it. Please have compassion for yourself rather than judgment. The feeling of shame is understandable given that, from a psycho-emotional perspective, unhealed shame is at the root of all addiction. The most effective way to heal personal shame is to speak about it openly so that it is no longer kept as a secret, in much the same way that we can heal the collective shame behind abuse and violence by having the courage to share the truth of experiences. This is why individual or group counselling is effective for addiction.

Addictions can be difficult to change because there’s a broader perspective than changing your ego mind or beliefs about it. The negative alien invasion and their abuse to the human blueprint has created long-standing damage to the soul body and disconnection from the inner spiritual self. Emotional pain, shock or trauma, implants, or programming, whether from this timeline or any other timeline, all cause soul fragmentation and create dead energy. The pain of the dead energy is what the addict tries to avoid. As stated above, it can feel like a deep hunger that it must satisfy. Entities can manipulate the addict into more addiction. As predatory parasites that need to find a host off of which to feed, they take advantage of the fact that an addict is not in command of their consciousness and is vulnerable due to unhealed soul damage, and will siphon their energy, creating more dead energy and intensifying the addiction. As the addictive behaviour grows, the individual becomes resonant with the frequency of the addiction.

Starseeds and Indigos in particular can carry inherited addictive patterns that they are here to clear from their bloodline to put an end to the generational and planetary patterns. I have worked with some clients who have cleared countless addiction programs, many of which they did not even remotely know existed in their energy field. The origin can be quite distant, but they can be retriggered depending which dimensional energy is being embodied by the individual, and therefore, which timelines they are recalling for integration.

Since mind control on this planet is prevalent, and addictions are so common, by default, we give our consent to parasitic energies and allow their existence, unless we consciously choose otherwise. To be blunt, it may help to acknowledge that each time we knowingly choose to indulge an addictive behaviour rather than align with our Highest Expression, we are not only bolstering the ego, but giving the dark forces exactly what they want – control. This is why it’s valuable to remind ourselves and declare daily, or as often as we need to, that we commit to serving our Highest God-Source only, fully, completely, thoroughly and totally. If you are working to clear an addiction, please consider working directly with the Spirit of Purity, and/or call me for effective clearing (see AoA Hieros Gamos System).

Attending to the health of our 2nd chakra where addiction is seated, and clearing physical and energetic parasites from all of multi-dimensional bodies is highly necessary at this time to transform the consumptive model on this planet to regenerating life forces and returning to energetic balance. With loving patience for ourselves, and intention and commitment, we can keep choosing to know that our riches are with our direct experience of ourselves as God, and nothing can steal that from us, nothing is more true.

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