Evicting Imposter Spirits from Your Spiritual House

'Yoga, double exposure' flickrcc.net

‘Yoga, double exposure’ flickrcc.net

There was a 1990 movie with Michael Keaton called “Pacific Heights”, and it was a dark story about a deceptive tenant who moves into the upper floor of a house and wreaks havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting Landlords and the other tenants below. From what I can remember of the movie, his only intention was to create chaos and fear. And he succeeded.

This is essentially the state of our spiritual house when we hold old dark energies, consisting of imposter Spirits, negative entities, demons, predator forces, fallen angelics, etc. While there is much that can be said about each of these types of energies, the point of importance is that they can be housed in our lower chakras from multiple experiences in various timelines. If it feels like they are pushing to the surface right now, there’s good reason – they are. Consider that as the higher frequencies anchor into the Earth, the Earth can no longer hold space for the dark energies. The same then holds true for you as the microcosm of the macrocosm. So it’s time to evict that which continues to take up energetic space, and create limitation in your life.

One simple approach is to stay self-aware and be mindful of what you are thinking, feeling and how you are behaving, in order to discern who or what is running your energy. Be clear whether it is an energy on an ascending spiral (positive, expanding) or descending spiral (negative, contracting), and be clear to whom or what you are consenting with your energy.

12D ShieldOnce these energies are cleared, there is space to rebuild a solid core foundation. I already have a blog post about rebuilding our foundation (see How Do I Trust When My Reality Turns Upside Down) however, I want to present this from a different perspective here. All those qualities that we have a tendency to view as espousing goodness, and aligning with Christ consciousness, are Spirits of Christ. There are seven that, in combination, serve as the foundation to a strong Spiritual House – one of integrity and an authentically powerful inner core.  I already wrote at length about the Spirit of Patience: Patience is a Virtue for the Unyielding)

7 Spirits of ChristWe can actively participate with these Spirits, and intend through heart-felt meditation, to release the lower vibrations to which they each correspond and call in the higher Spirit of Christ. In fact, it is necessary to actively participate with your soul or monadic embodiment. Everything heals with love, but it’s not a time to be kind to the lower energies, you have to be clear and firm. You can work with one of these for 21 days consecutive days and then move onto the next. This is a helpful way to assist in the renovation of one’s spiritual house and create a foundation that will withstand any test of time as they say, or more accurately, withstand any collapse of power. To clear them more deeply you may feel you require additional support.

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