Does Talking About the Dark Forces Attract Them?

fear of the dark

Many people are fearful of the dark forces and the negative alien agenda, so please know that these concepts are only introduced in healing sessions with me, gradually, when it is helpful and relevant to your healing. I follow your lead and your level of awareness. Healing sessions are intended to bring you freedom and sovereignty and that can include understanding how these forces and their agenda have interfered with […] Read more »

Main Archontic Deception Strategies

no more deception

The inhumanity on Earth is a stark contrast to the love that we inherently know. Each time we step out into the world we can find ourselves engaging with a myriad of deceptions, crazy-making complexity, a demanding pace, manipulations and money schemes, and we can feel the drain of those lower frequencies! It is no wonder that straddling daily life with higher consciousness is a challenge and that we can […] Read more »

Evicting Imposter Spirits from Your Spiritual House

There was a 1990 movie with Michael Keaton called “Pacific Heights”, and it was a dark story about a deceptive tenant who moves into the upper floor of a house and wreaks havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting Landlords and the other tenants below. From what I can remember of the movie, his only intention was to create chaos and fear. And he succeeded. This is essentially the state […] Read more »

Reclaiming Our Creative Nature to Transform Memories

creative DNA

The compassion inherent in consciousness is creativity. Life force is eternal and self-perpetuating. The alpha and omega are inseparable in the cosmic field of all possibility. Growth spirals to infinity, and every energy can be transformed. Each and every being holds this limitless potential in each and every moment. If this natural capacity is not radically apparent in our human condition on this planet it’s because our memories have been […] Read more »