Reclaiming Our Creative Nature to Transform Memories

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The compassion inherent in consciousness is creativity. Life force is eternal and self-perpetuating. The alpha and omega are inseparable in the cosmic field of all possibility. Growth spirals to infinity, and every energy can be transformed. Each and every being holds this limitless potential in each and every moment. If this natural capacity is not radically apparent in our human condition on this planet it’s because our memories have been wiped clean through a memory invasion. It matters to know this because until we know who we are, why we are here and what we are capable of, we cannot completely heal. This is true for each of us individually, and collectively. Until we reclaim our creative nature, in every sense of the word, we will simply recycle our history.

208,000 years ago, Earth was invaded during the violent Orion Wars in the Orion Constellation, seeding the tyranny, patriarchal domination, predator-prey and victim-victimizer programs that we still experience today. The terror of these war memories has been propagated through the collective unconscious by holographic inserts and psychotronic warfare so that we continue to war with ourselves. Our genetics were further compromised about 5,500 years ago during the Sumerian-Egypt invasion when our DNA became inactivated. During these cycles the alien invaders captured control of our memory and hid the truth so that we would not remember our true creative nature. Since then we have been literally hypnotized to resign to convention, rules, dead ends, conformity, and deception by their imposed false realities. Many futuristic films depict the trajectory of the deadening of humanity and I can see it in my mind’s eye and feel its energy signature: it’s metallic, robotic, hollow, controlled and uninspired.


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The lifeless state of existence intended for humanity through this mind control is not foreign to us.  It’s the unconscious journey of mankind. Every day we get up and go through the pretty much the same routine. We gravitate to the same things and the same place. We get carried by the everyday. We don’t always know why we keep repeating the same limits on ourselves and why we can’t break out of them. We may feel light, sad, scared or heavy, but we may not entirely know what stirred that feeling. We go through the motions in somewhat of a fugue state, with a glimmer of remembering something better, trying to remember another sense of self, or paying attention to clues to give meaning to all of it. Sound familiar? I’ve clearly seen the extreme version of this in others. I certainly felt like this many years ago myself before my awakening. And while many of you reading this may feel it’s no longer true for you, remember that the rabbit hole goes very deep. There are many things about ourselves that we have yet to recall, know, animate or express. Direct knowledge of our multi-dimensional nature and universe is lost to many and generally speaking, many of us are still subject to the control matrix.

Our current galactic opening gives us the opportunity to make the most of our creative nature and change the patterns. We can now access timelines prior to the Orion Invasion and remember what happened to humanity in order to alter the probabilities for this ascension timeline. This is phenomenally creative! We can reveal to ourselves the source of what drives us, collectively and individually, and pierce through the veil of illusion. However, this means that until we feel the force of the destruction and pain we experienced, and forgive ourselves and all involved, we will just continue to live by these destructive archetypes and agendas. This is true for clearing these war memories and any inorganic pain from our spiritual-energetic bodies, whether it originated eons ago for the planet, in our lives past, or as a child in this timeline. Similar to how we are able to shift perspectives on painful experiences and their limiting beliefs and emotions once we bring them to consciousness and see the truth of them, by collecting our truthful memories we can create a vibrational shift in the time-space cycles of our universal time matrix and repair the damage. We can come out of the fugue and choose to stop participating in the Service-to-Self agenda. With the letting go of the old comes the opportunity to embody new light transmissions of the Cosmic Mother that activate our DNA and continue to resurrect our truth in new empowered realities.



Nobody is immune to the debris being stirred from the planetary fields right now. Some will feel it more intensely than others, and many will not have a context for the emotional upheaval and mental unbalancing it can bring. If dark memories surface they can be intense and painful. I speak from experience. Unpleasant vibrations can arise ‘out of the blue’. Even with a context of some understanding, memories may lack detail but resonate nonetheless and impact us significantly. This is where our ability to discern our personal energies from that of the collective can be helpful, though the responsibility to manage them remains with us either way. We have to stay vigilantly mindful of who or what is driving our behaviour and our thoughts, especially when we do not feel like ourselves. The more practiced we are in sensing and identifying our thoughts and feelings the easier it becomes to identify their source as organic or inorganic. Manipulating dark energies take advantage of worry, fear, anxieties and disconnection, so our regular spiritual practices that ground us and restore our sense of inner peace and harmony with our God-Self are essential now.

We can create new loving energies and memories. This miraculous gift we each have to remember, integrate, restore, and rebirth is a natural art. There is a reason for the term “healing arts”: healing is creative because new expression is given birth through the organic flow of the Living Light of God. Only Divine energy is self-perpetuating, and gives life. In its absence life force falls away. Our conscious participation helps us to transform the inorganic patterns like those created by mind control, which have overlaid distortions to our organic nature. Healing our minds, and our hearts, is our Divine re-creation.

receiving lightThe Higher Self holds the wisdom in all creative expression whether we are healing old, limiting patterns, expressing through art, or generating fresh ideas for old problems. Through any creative endeavour we can stretch beyond the limitation of the ego mind and the damage of programming, and wake up stagnant energies. We move beyond the familiar and rediscover with wonder, aspects of us that were previously unseen or concealed. The most direct access to the creative Higher Self is self-inquiry.

One of our most profound creative expressions at this time is to participate with our right to ascend and choose our liberation from the anti-human agenda, through intention, multi-dimensional clearing and being willing to reveal to ourselves what has been hidden from us and what we continue to hide from ourselves. We can commit to remembering the truth of who we are, and meditate on the questions of “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “What am I here to do?”, and “What would be most helpful to me to remember at this timing?”. We can each anchor a seed of growth on this planet – the seed atom of Christ consciousness.

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