Art as a Creative Expression of Light

painting of petals

“Petal Joy” by Amâeil

Art is the Divine vibrating into expression. We recognize this when a photograph, sculpture, dance or poem stirs our emotions into profound inner spaces. I am grateful to have had two such outstanding moments in my life, and another when it became crystal clear that this deeply mattered to my soul. I’ve given permission to my creative self in various ways over the years, though I have very little formal art education or skills (unlike my talented friend Terry Sarchuk who painted “Melinda’s Song” and many others). Those skills seem to have been left in other timelines. In this life, my creative expression is all about letting God express through me in all manner of speaking, whether I am being in stillness, facilitating healing, or sharing my presence through art. It’s always Divinely guided, and indeed, it can never be what I expect.

The truth that creative expression is as vital to me as breathing has been reinforced by my Spirit over and over again. Of course it would be; as for everyone, my creative self is my very Essence! It has repeatedly pressed itself into my awareness, sometimes more insistently than others, occasionally incubating until it’s rediscovered in a new form. However, this necessity of life first became apparent as I sat in my university dorm room catching up on some lab reports for my food science class. I remember that defining moment: writing about whether a roast shrunk more with or without foil or by microwaving was as dry as an endless desert to a thirsty traveller, and all I wanted to do was dance, write poetry, make colour, and voice sound. I thankfully listened to my heart and quit my major right then and there. As God would have it be, I didn’t follow it into an arts major, but to the healing arts.

grounded passion

“Grounded Passion” by Amâeil

God’s Light can be sensed in anyone and anything. It can show itself in the grand or miniscule, the ethereal or enduring, and the obvious or subtle. When art ‘speaks’ to us, God is carrying us into deeper self-awareness. It’s profound because it’s meaning is highly personal. The most vivid example of this was an experience I had many years ago when I was attending a health show. Someone walked by carrying a canvas of many colours, which in and of itself will always draw me in. But this day my eyes landed on the one inch of the painting that was utterly imbued with Light. It beamed to the very core of my soul and I cried inexplicable tears. Ever since then I have wanted to recreate that luminosity and I suppose my spiritual journey is about exactly that. I also marvel at the gift of someone who can capture that with a paintbrush. That brings me to my recent introduction to Jonathan’s gallery. He has an exceptional ability to capture and blend light and colour with elegant sensitivity. While I appreciate so many of his pieces, one spoke to me so deeply in its exquisite simplicity that it literally caught my breath. Thank you Jonathan for sharing your Spirit: please visit Jonathan Dunkelman Gallery .

Both the healing arts and creative arts are prayerful tribute to our creative nature, the God-Source Light that we are. Divine consciousness perpetuates all living expressions. When art of any form is created with sacred intention, it can activate healing; it can stimulate stagnant energies, uplift emotions, free fears, brighten perspectives, reveal the unknown, expand us beyond our limits, affirm direction and build self-esteem. In the moment that luminous painting stirred my heart, a part of me awakened to the purity of my Essence. When the Higher Self heals, it unfolds with exceptionally artful beauty.

From my perspective, the healing arts and creative arts express through us in quite the same creative process:

1. Set a clear intention for what you would like to create. This is an intention to expand.

2. Surrender to your Higher Self. To be creative you have to drop your expectations and your ego fears: the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, the fear of “rocking the boat”, the fear of what others will think, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of failing, and the fear of being unproductive. Open your mind, heart and body into alignment with all possibilities.

3. Be neutral and follow the energy without interfering or attaching to outcome. Just go for it, trust yourself and seek truth. Witness as it emerges. Do not pre-empt, judge or limit your energies in any way. Give freedom to allow the unfolding no matter how unconventional or illogical. Flow with any inspiration, imagination, or innovation. However, use discernment.

4. Discern when it’s complete.

5. Accept what has emerged. Place no value judgment on it, only appreciate the gift.

Sacral Healing by Amâeil

“Sacral Healing” by Amâeil

I’ve observed this process through countless years of healing, and more recently, in a flood of new expression for me – creative painting. It called to me through months of incubation and at last I was ready to make it manifest. I consider my paintings meaningful play. In the same way that I facilitate healing, chant intuitively or put pen to paper, I only know how to allow God to lead. There is nothing pre-determined when I heal with sound or in any of my paintings shared here, except my intention. What I most enjoy is witnessing what emerges in the shapes and colours after I put my palette knife to the canvas. They can be informative and affirming. You may not see or feel what I do when you look at them, as art is so subjective, however, it’s worth saying a few words below about what appeared because some of it is quite amazing. That is the gift of the God-Self; given full permission it will always be grace-full and so much richer than any ego can possibly fabricate.

The message from my Higher Self has always been “you can express however you wish”. I understand that now more than ever. There are many creative expressions in each of us, the most fundamental being our very existence, our very breath. I am deeply grateful for my creative nature in every sense of the word, whether it makes itself known in my body healing itself, the synchronicity in my life, or being a clear vessel for another’s healing. My artistic expressions too have been especially supportive during the most transformative phases of my journey. Of course, they can only be that – they are who I AM.

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”
Robert Henri

"Who's Out There?" by Amâeil

“Who’s Out There?” by Amâeil

I see a person in the bottom left watching the night sky, perhaps looking for extra-terrestrial visitors, or Star Beings from home.

"Alchemy" by Amâeil

“Alchemy” by Amâeil

This painting flew out of me with tremendous grace and was completed in 15 minutes. The colour combination of yellow and pink surprised me, but how softly they combined! I see 2 figures near the bottom centre: one as though sitting cross-legged and bowing, with her head covered in a veil, and another standing behind her. Various birds are flying above, and perhaps even dark entities are being released.

"Surrendering to Purity" by Amâeil

“Surrendering to Purity” by Amâeil

The intention I held was to embrace my power, but I first felt compelled to paint all the chakra colours and it didn’t seem quite fitting. However, my Higher Self already knew where this was leading: I later came to appreciate how the individual colour frequencies became subtle and merged underneath the pure white, which is very similar to what happens in the healing restoration of the Divine human blueprint. It also wasn’t until later that I realized the canvas had been influenced by the Threefold Founder Flames of Divine Mother (13D-blue/aquamarine ray), Christos-Sophia (14D-gold ray), and Divine Father (15D-violet/magenta ray).

Another 3 figures appear in this one. To the very right you may be able to see a female figure sitting as though her legs are crossed under a chair and off to her left, with a young child in front of her. At the top centre is a white Spirit, and if you look closely, you can see part of a six-pointed star that appeared on the third eye. This is the merkaba Light symbol code used in the 12-dimensional Shielding Technique. How magical!! Below that figure and to the right is a veiled figure in prayer. I like the way it seems that there is a wreath of stars encircling him/her and moving up the spine.

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