Divine Will for 2016 and Beyond

woman praying

As received through higher guidance: We have forces on the earth right now that are counting on humanity to stop paying attention to the fine print so to speak. They would prefer that we not watch for the discrepancies and misalignments with truth. The deception and distraction that they use to try to capture our minds are configured to ensure that nothing so detrimental happens that it makes them visible, […] Read more »

Prayer for the Heart of My Work

May I always follow my heart, feel it beat to the rhythm of my life and the tempo of my love. Within it dances the passion of my soul. May I trust that my steps are always taking me toward the recognition of this joy, moving me closer to knowing My Spirit. May the energy of My Light release me into trusting in all possibility, flowing abundance to me while […] Read more »

Prayer for Our Neighbours Suffering Disastrous Loss


Whether we our considering our neighbours in Ottawa-Canada, Nepal, Japan, the Philippines, Florida-USA, or any part of the world, our prayers make a difference for peace. Dear Spirit, We know you are present with us. We feel you in our LIGHT. Keep us awake to our purpose to be healing LIGHT for others. We have experienced our own losses, and now we witness the suffering of countless others around the […] Read more »