How Do I Trust When My Reality Turns Upside Down?

upside down reality

Like many, you may have the most difficulty trusting Spirit when you are faced with a sudden or shocking experience such as a lost job, sudden illness, an accident, or an end to a significant relationship. It can create a jolt to your perception of reality and shake your foundation that is your sense of stability and security. You may want to trust, but struggle with fear. Unfortunately, the fear […] Read more »

Are You in Sacred Marriage?

masculine and feminine

Sacred marriage is the realization of your God-Self. It is a union unlike any other in that the primary focus in the relationship is spiritual alchemy through the creational power of Living Light. It cannot be considered a union through ego for there is no place for this. In fact, the ego is the uninvited guest that will always find itself being transformed to Divine love. Many times, people participate […] Read more »

“I AM Printing”

maple leaf

Imprinting…I’m printing…’I AM’ printing Into your womb, one day soon, there will be my passing. One that takes me into question now, one that will take me out then. Foreign to the press of my logic, there is only certainty  in the wave of oneness reaching unmistakably into my roots. As my feet lay down upon your back, you call me to answer, “What will I leave of me?” Dying, decay, death. […] Read more »