Coming to a Standstill


One day, months ago, I lay on my bed mid-afternoon and I couldn’t find a reason to move. It seemed that I couldn’t move, not even lift my baby finger or use my eyes to look around. I wasn’t meditating. It was just a few marvellous moments of deep, deep stillness. There was no ego-mind itching to analyze. There was no thinking. My body didn’t want to adjust itself or […] Read more »

Dying to Know

Hang onto the moment

As we approach December 21, 2012, a celebratory marker in the journey of our ascension timeline here on Earth (2012 and beyond), I sit in reflection of the imagined life that I let go, and the unexpected that took its place. I have been allowing this consciously to the best of my ability for many years. Still, each new experience, in fulfillment of my highest soul purpose of service to […] Read more »

The Divine Design of Dying

fading face

The summer winds down. The new school years begins, and work resumes in earnest. The leaves begin to turn, and nature reminds us that “to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose, under heaven….a time to be born, a time to die.” Or perhaps the lyrics from this 50’s song by Pete Seeger could be “….a time to die, a time to be reborn…”.  That, of course, would depend […] Read more »

“I AM Printing”

maple leaf

Imprinting…I’m printing…’I AM’ printing Into your womb, one day soon, there will be my passing. One that takes me into question now, one that will take me out then. Foreign to the press of my logic, there is only certainty  in the wave of oneness reaching unmistakably into my roots. As my feet lay down upon your back, you call me to answer, “What will I leave of me?” Dying, decay, death. […] Read more »