Dying to Know

Hang onto the moment

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As we approach December 21, 2012, a celebratory marker in the journey of our ascension timeline here on Earth (2012 and beyond), I sit in reflection of the imagined life that I let go, and the unexpected that took its place. I have been allowing this consciously to the best of my ability for many years. Still, each new experience, in fulfillment of my highest soul purpose of service to humanity, can be another challenging unraveling and rebirth on the spiral of consciousness expansion.

For many people now, letting go of some form of their life is, or will become, pivotal to their journey of dis-identification from who they thought they were. My heart is with those countless many all over the world who face profound trials of loss everyday. At the same time, through atrocities like those in the Middle East and manipulated wars across the planet, loss has been surreptitiously normalized. While loss can catalyze our spiritual turns, it is not ever easy for our human selves. It’s most important to remember that our suffering is not necessary nor organic. What we do to ourselves and each other in conflict is not natural. So as we move forward, one moment at a time, please join me in prayer for our courage, so that when each of us is faced with our choices, we will allow ourselves, our human bodies and our many expressions, to surrender to their highest purpose, and peace.

“Let Divine passion triumph and rebirth you in yourself.” Rumi 


We are dying a little bit each day. This is an old adage that holds some truth. It’s also true that we are reborn a little each day. Which you live by all depends on who you believe you are.

If you are identified with your ego, you align with the ultimate fear – the illusion that death of your body is the end of life, and you are finite. Therefore, you are holding the view that, each day, your life force diminishes. It stands to reason then that your ego would resist aging, desperately cling to keeping things as they are, obsess with running out of time, and numb feelings. Anxiety, paralysis, self-protection, competition, vampirism, and/or power over others ensue. Fear of death has driven much of humanity’s behaviours. This is the anti-life, controller agenda for this planet.

However, like many, you may be realizing that you have been caught in this reversal of truth (the distortions of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, soul fragmentations, ancestral/genetic miasmas, mind control, traumas, false timelines). You are now accepting that this dimension of reality is one of many dimensions and expansive universes, and that your consciousness is infinite in nature. You are much more than your body. This is the perspective of perpetual life.

Ultimately, what we are all being given the opportunity to experience on this planet right now is that the death of the body is not necessary to know our vastness. We are coming to know who we truly are while we are in the body.

Ego death is one way we are all experiencing this. When the ego no longer serves as authority over your life, you are free to remember that you are all possibilities. But the ego doesn’t often give itself up willingly; when you fear living without your ineffective patterns, painful emotions, material wealth, roles, and sub-personalities, and you are required to release one of these self-defining attachments, it can feel like actual death, and sometimes present with physical symptoms. Especially when an abrupt change in life catalyzes this shift, it can be very unsettling. Remember, the ego believes that your body is your totality and you will surely die without your illusions of stability. This state is temporary.

It’s possible to change these misperceptions with healing support, and help you through the difficulty of the adjustments. Energy psychotherapy and core pattern release is highly effective for lifting the struggle you may experience as your new self is being rooted.


Our ascension and embodiment of Christ Consciousness is also a transmutation of our biology. Gratefully, the human form is being gradually returned to its original Divine blueprint and renewed. As the physics of the planet is changing, so too are our bodies. For example, a shift in the planetary brain/logos means a change in your perceptions of your identity. With upgrades to the gridlines of the planet, your nervous system is impacted. As the male and female principles re-unite in balance, any imbalanced masculine energy within you must be deconstructed. As higher frequencies take hold, and the elemental body is re-encrypted, lower, linear mental processing becomes more obsolete. Right now, the heart-brain complex is being anchored more deeply.

Some individuals are more aware of these changes than others, with each person feeling them in alignment, and in timing, with their own evolutionary path. The override of the reversal programs is taking hold through the direct assistance of many human-form beings and extra-dimensional beings aligned with the Law of One/Unity Consciousness, who are purposefully assisting in the rebirth of all of humanity. However, each individual, in the human body, is a vessel of alchemy and is being impacted. You are responsible for your own evolution and your active self-awareness helps you to manage these changes with greater ease.

So both are true; to be reborn, that which is not in alignment with your truth must die. However, check which paradigm is leading you: are you fearfully running away from death or toward the depth of your heart? Do you wake up each day aligning with the ‘small, limited me’ or the greater consciousness? When ego resists and insists that it is ego keeping you alive, recognize that it’s a lie and let it die. Your Higher Self has something more expansive waiting for you. Then you can come to know you are so much more – infinite and eternally sustained in the Living Light.

“Give up to grace.

The ocean takes care of each wave, ’til it gets to shore.” Rumi 


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