The Freedom of Knowing Your Eternal Self

To truly feel free you have to know who you are and of what you’re capable as a Divine being. You’re Eternal. You can keep looking outside of you for safety and answers but the true security and the answers are within. If you don’t know that you’re Eternal, you’re bound by a program that your physical death is the end of you. At a minimum it’s a lie, and at the most it makes you fear death. The controllers know it and exploit it. This fear disempowers you and keeps you harnessed by their anti-soul, anti-life, anti-human, Satanic, tyrannical agenda, now justified with false fears about the virus, and false promises about a return to freedom. Our focus has to move to healing and the truth about Life.

You are God consciousness, God-created and God-loved. In every moment, the abundant, healing Light of God-Source lives within you and surrounds you. It is constant. It’s this intelligence that informs and sustains your physical body, and all your multi-dimensional light-sound-body layers. It emanates through your loving heart. This is your foundation for a harmonious natural, existence with cosmic sovereign law and the Divine orchestration of Life with which you participate. Your unique, individual blueprint expresses here with purpose, and your magnificence does not fade at death, it expands.

“For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind
and to melt into the sun?
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”
Khalil Gibran


Yet, depending on the childhood and societal messages that you received, you may have learned that Life belongs only to the physical world and that what transpires while you’re in the body all expires upon your death. You might believe that there’s nothing beyond the physical realm, just what is concretely provable. There’s no need for faith in the unnameable mystery of God. It would seem unsettling to perceive a reality so limited in scope, as though there is just one expression of you, alive for a short time, for the purpose of immediate satisfaction or only random experiences. Maybe this is what you came to reconcile and heal in this incarnation.

Alternatively, you may have perceived that God is housed in a human image and judges you for what you choose, imposing your joy and suffering. This God is separate from you. The fundamental truths of religion may have provided some grounding but the dogmatic overlays have taught you that there’s a need for an intermediary between you and your Creator. Maybe trauma caused your anger at God and your disconnection from your own inner, core Spirit. Religious and spiritual wounds are common given humanity’s history with false gods, and they can leave deep heart scars without healing. The limiting programs and beliefs can lay hidden in the subtle layers of your unconscious and subconscious mind.

False gods have been created from false stories by the controlling alien races. Their false power is rooted in service-to-self ideology and they’ve been unwilling to take energetic responsibility for their actions. Humanity has been shaped by their hierarchical enslavement. it’s been pushed onto you  as karmic superimpositions, for you to carry like a slave carrying bricks upon your back. Before long, the truth of who you are became distant, mind control was normalized, and it was hard to know what to believe. Now you’re having to sort it all out, by looking at the dark truth of this spiritual war accurately, healing your traumas and unresolved emotional pain, dismantling your ego and releasing your false ego identities, and clearing your fears. Otherwise you continue to be exploited.

All the distortion and confusion has been intended to discourage you and capture your Spirit. So what matters is finding your way to this: reclaiming that you’re One with God/the Creator/the Universe/Life Force. There is no separation from God – ever – not when you born into your body and not when you drop your body. Fear of the unknown comes from this forgotten truth and it stifles change and growth. If you’re willing to confront your fear of death and surrender to your infinite nature, you can value and embrace your Life. If you can remember that you’re Eternal and cherish this with all your heart, then fearlessness guides you. Love, trust and truth leads you, not what you’re told you should fear.

“To wonder is to meet God in the vast unknown.”


Your Eternal Self doesn’t leave you scrambling for answers outside of you. Your God-body is vastly intelligent and the healing capacity of your God consciousness is within you. More rules are power abuses. Expectations of being saved misguide you. A mask is an illusion of protection. A safe vaccine is an uncertain promise at best. Testing and contact tracing is very possibly intended as more DNA manipulation. But choosing your Life Force, and to keep choosing your God-self, is to know freedom, security, stability and deep peace.

♥ ♥ ♥

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CC license 88x31 2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban