Reprogramming the Fear of Failure

‘Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining Brain Health’

There are countless reasons why people think that if they put effort into an endeavour in life they will fail. It’s not just because they have failed in the past. It’s not because they think they are unworthy. Though both those reasons can certainly be contributors. But one of the most profound reasons that people fear that they will fail is because they hold a memory of failing long ago, and their consciousness is trapped in a program that dictates they will fail again: all the perceptions, sensory memories, fears and all emotions that comprised the experience of failing continues to feed the sense that there is doom around the corner in the same way, and what comes next can’t possibly be better.

It’s true, that if in childhood, we happened to have an experience that led us to believe that we fell short of some expectation, we created a corresponding subconscious negative ego story from thoughts and feelings of disappointment, frustration or shame. This then contracts our energy and serves as a limiting filter through which we weighed subsequent opportunities to experience and grow. If we didn’t have other experiences that restored our self-esteem and healed our self-perceptions, we may still fear that we’ll fail again, and compromise our willingness and ability to succeed. As an example, those who have perfectionist tendencies will try to avoid the criticism they received as a child, and therefore, minimize or struggle with taking steps forward if they can’t be assured that they can do it perfectly. It’s the continued expectations of themselves that will press upon them to succeed but conflict with the fear of failing.

It’s also true that our fears of failing were seeded long ago, when alien invasions, holocausts and multiple planetary and galactic wars created extreme trauma in our collective consciousness memory and that of our planet. Quite simply, trauma negatively impacts our nervous system and brain, creates pain and suffering, fragments our wholeness, and generates feelings of powerlessness. Our subconscious memory holds imprints of the abuses that degraded humanity’s highest consciousness, even if our conscious memories were wiped, our DNA was damaged, and our history was rewritten with lies. For example, as humanity collectively moves into the soul body consciousness and the 5th dimension, there is an opportunity at this time to heal the trauma and fears arising from the explosion of Tara, our 5th dimensional Earth. ** Being lost in the dark void, being abandoned by God, fearing abuse of power, or even the fear of planetary explosions are examples of fears related to fear of failing and powerlessness.

‘Panasonic’s Human Blinders–I mean Blinkers’

Remember that for thousands of years the primary negative alien agenda (NAA) has been to disempower and control humanity so that we do not thrive in our Cosmic Christos consciousness and reclaim our 12 strings of DNA – the Diamond Sun body consciousness blueprint. They continue to assert their deceptions through mind control manipulation so that there is an assault on the ego mind, and nervous system and brain, which can create distortion in how reality is perceived. This has propagated ‘victim of trauma’ addiction programs, miasma of shame, and phobias that confuse and diminish our inner clarity, self-trust, self-love and our sense of power. We fear, play small, hold back, and often remember little of our truth and our greatness. Once the seeds were planted long ago through traumatic historical events, the controlling forces need only to trigger the same traumas with repetitive fear-mongering, Armageddon prophecies, and manipulations that maintain instability, and humanity dooms itself. That’s been the insidious plan and pattern.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”
―Earl Nightingale


However, the human brain is flexible, adaptable and can be reprogrammed. What it takes is changing our perceptions so the painful past doesn’t dictate the future. We don’t develop higher consciousness by choosing the same old, same old, and believing the lies about ourselves. It’s new and varied experiences that lend themselves to evolving our consciousness. We can challenge our narrow or rigid thoughts with self-inquiry, and open the heart and mind by asking ourselves what other possibilities exist beyond the fearful outcomes we assume. We can reclaim the sovereignty of our brain and nervous system to clear negative messaging, and affirm and focus what we want by using our creative imagination to visualize and feel a higher expression of ourselves. These practices, when done with consistent repetition, help us to lay down new neural pathways – more supportive, positive messaging.

Yet, healing also absolutely requires a recognition and acceptance that nothing is more powerful than our Divine connection to Source, in the present, where all possibilities exist. We cannot heal without allowing our Divine heart to guide us. Our meaningful connection with our God-Within is where we find deep liberation and security, and trust when the ego personality is dissolving, and untruths and self-deceptions are being purged. This requires that we turn toward God in surrender, especially when it feels like we are failing.We stay in higher alignment by committing to consciously choose what is more supportive, more loving and more compassionate for our authentic Spirit and humanity’s ascension.

‘Sun Kissed’ by Amâeil

The fullest potential of our consciousness is made possible through consistent intention, requesting the support of our higher self and guides, and sometimes facilitated healing from someone like me, as well as opening our hearts to remembering the truth of our consciousness memories to have the choice to override the pain of the past, no matter how long ago.

‘Another Chance’ by Amâeil

When the fear of failure and sense of doom comes into your mind, and causes you to hesitate in being your best self, remember that the fear is often from subconscious trauma that requires healing attention, and fear of failure is a program that’s been broadcast into your brain and nervous system. It’s not the true you and you have the capacity to create a new structure that is not based in reversal frequencies and contraction, but based in 12-dimensional consciousness, far out of reach of the lower ego personality dimensions. Every incarnated human on Earth holds the potential to embody the Diamond Sun DNA, and uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

While it can be a long journey to embody the sacred, inner balance of your Christ-Sophia Self, it’s always activated ‘now’: your choice-points present themselves to you each and every moment. When you’re fearing that you’ll fail, ask yourself, “Right now, if I choose fear, what direction will I continue to move in?” “Right now, if I choose to believe in myself and my power as a Divine human, where will that take me?” Then take just one step, and it can be a very small step, to confront your fear and start building evidence of just how power-full you are. You don’t have to be completely fearless. And it’s okay, and valuable, to learn from missteps. Just be willing to keep taking steps. You won’t know what’s possible until you do.

“If you do it, you can, if you don’t, you can’t.”
Shinagawa Tetsuzano

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** “The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System.

In their infinite love for creation, the original Diamond Sun races, the Paliadorians, established the Covenant of Paliador millions of years ago to reclaim the fragmented souls as a result of Taran Explosion and to retrieve the subsequent lost souls and their fragments buried in the matter fields of the earth and in other planets.

Timelines from the 5D earth matter, connected to the Souls of the Taran body that exploded, became a type of radioactive decay intermixed into the soup of matter that came into this physical dimension, from the explosion event and the magnetic manipulation of the time and space fields. The World Soul of Tara, became a part of the atomic body of this physical planet, stuck and strewn between the first and the fourth dimensions. We are in a phase of time where the matter composition is changing into something less dense, and while it’s in less dense states we are able to move out these artifacts, assorted bodies and consciousness remnants.” Some of us have been helping in the recon and transit of these souls.

[Source: with gratitude]

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2019 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban