How to Nurture Self-trust


‘Hand in hand’

How you best cultivate trust with yourself emerges from understanding what stands in your way of trusting yourself in the first place – the original wounding, the misperception or illusion. I can easily help you unearth that, whether it is rooted in this lifetime or another timeline. The healing recommendation for the wound will respond specifically to your unmet need.

However, it is safe to say that trust is developed through consistency with yourself. For example, the inner child often mistrusts because you have not been in regular connection with him/her. Usually this means you have not been paying attention to his/her emotions. To heal the emotional disconnect, he/she will look for evidence that you are reliable and will want to be assured that you will be a source of constancy and acceptance. As you put this into practice, the wounding dissolves and you regain your connection with your magical, intuitive, playful, and creative child – your Spirit.

Being consistent in your spiritual practices that cultivate your inner listening will also strengthen your trust with your God-Self. You do not need the inner critic to stay disciplined. An inner commitment to yourself is far more effective.

Trust is also developed most effectively through direct experience. You have to be willing to risk and demonstrate to yourself that you can trust yourself. When self-doubt starts to create inner turmoil and mental confusion, stop and breathe mindfully. The fear and worry of the doubter will never help you to take healthy risks so don’t expect them to. Surrender to your Higher Self, inquire within, listen, and only when you are clear, take action. Sometimes it helps to remind yourself of a positive experience when you trusted yourself so you can remember that you have it within you to be clear and self-supportive.

To deepen your self-trust, book a healing session for your inner child now.