root cause

healing an energy blockage at the causal level

The Darkness Behind Religious Animal Sacrifice – time sensitive


This event is occurring now in 2019 – if you feel so called, please pray for an end to this animal abuse. – Every 5 years, there is a religious event that is almost too disturbing to comprehend. It is taking place this November 28, and 29, 2014. It is called a festival and though the 5 million who reportedly participate, I’m sure, do believe that it is a celebration, […] Read more »

How to Nurture Self-trust


How you best cultivate trust with yourself emerges from understanding what stands in your way of trusting yourself in the first place – the original wounding, the misperception or illusion. I can easily help you unearth that, whether it is rooted in this lifetime or another timeline. The healing recommendation for the wound will respond specifically to your unmet need. However, it is safe to say that trust is developed […] Read more »

Equation of Acceptance

you are enough

In meditation, I saw this clarity about ‘acceptance’: acceptance = acceptance of being here on Earth + acceptance of purpose + (accepting all others + being accepted) I asked “how?” for each part of the equation: acceptance = being here in the ‘now’ moment + being Light + accepting myself acceptance = being here in the ‘now’ moment + being Light + loving myself acceptance = being here in the ‘now’ moment + being […] Read more »

Transform the Vows of ‘Need’ into the Freedoms of ‘Want’.

stern man

Neediness goes far deeper than an emotional pull. We often understand neediness to imply an excessive hunger for reassurance, affection or attention. This is commonly true, and this is what I found when I looked up Webster’s definition. But it left me feeling unsatisfied; the description was narrow given my experience with the needs that show up repeatedly from the ego. So I simply asked my vaster consciousness for the […] Read more »

Accepting Yourself and Others

woman reading book on self-esteem

We all look at the world through the personal lens of our own experience. Some people see themselves and others as compassionate and well-meaning, whereas others view and act with judgment, anger or fear. The perception we generally uphold has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves, and ourselves in relation to others. Ask yourself, “From which paradigm do I operate my life?”: I’m not O.K., you’re O.K. […] Read more »

The Healing Tree of Beliefs

tree and roots

Understanding the root cause of life’s challenges with energy psychotherapy and core pattern release. Do you ever wonder why some of our behaviours and habits can be so stubborn? Why do they seem to show up again and again as an unyielding pattern? Perhaps the following analogy will provide some insight. Your belief system can be imagined as a massive tree – the kind that has been growing for years. […] Read more »

Core Pattern Release for Active Clearing through Ascension

peace on earth

Many of us are now conscious co-creators in the evolutionary miracle of this New Age. It is our right and responsibility to clear the path to our full potential as joy and peace. But ask yourself what your subconscious mind is still creating. No matter where you are in your ascension the inner work is still the same; clear the old, the out-dated, and the unsupportive. Limiting beliefs and heavy […] Read more »