Core Pattern Release for Active Clearing through Ascension

Peace on EarthMany of us are now conscious co-creators in the evolutionary miracle of this New Age. It is our right and responsibility to clear the path to our full potential as joy and peace. But ask yourself what your subconscious mind is still creating.

No matter where you are in your ascension the inner work is still the same; clear the old, the out-dated, and the unsupportive. Limiting beliefs and heavy emotions that lurk in the deep recesses of our subconscious only continue to interfere with the bio-regenesis of our 12th-dimensional Divine self. These blocks are not always easy to access for we carry them from this life experience, parallel lives, many past generations and soul. Yet when you know about core pattern release it becomes simple.

Energy psychotherapy and core pattern release is a very powerful process that swiftly identifies the root cause of your persistent patterns and releases them with incredible ease from your DNA. Always, limiting emotions, thoughts and even genetic distortions are replaced in the highest and best way through accessing the 7th plane of existence and theta brain waves, and allowing the unconditional love of Source to bring healing.

If you are a Lightworker you have been likely clearing your beliefs for a very long time. However, you may be surprised to find what still lurks in your programming and impedes your expansion of consciousness. Most clients are taken aback at what reveals itself, and especially that they hold both the affirming and limiting aspects of the same beliefs. The key beliefs that keep your long-standing paradigms in tact can encourage unnecessary vows, support dis-ease, uphold religious fears, prevent manifestation, resist connectivity, and promote polarity. But once released the shift is immediate. You can feel the difference in one session. Some people have experienced instantaneous, physical healing.

The choice is always ours – to live in the illusions or rise again and persist with liberating our radiant Light. Energy healing offers you the freedom to prevail. For more information about what possibilities of healing are available to you through read case studies and testimonials.

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