The Lies I Told Myself

If you were to take a snapshot right now of what’s taking place in the outer reality, you would see that the majority of people are looking through a lens that is shattered by falsity. They are seeing one version of a reality and it’s not the only version of reality. For many that reality is filled with doubts and fears that supersede the truth of the core of who […] Read more »

Healing the Sounds of Trauma with the Divine Mother’s Tones

When sound is healing it can create unfathomable relief like the breath of life. When sound is hurtful and jarring it contracts the life force and creates pain. Sound, like many other things, can be used for the highest purposes of humanity’s living, or it can be weaponized. It has been weaponized, far beyond what most people can comprehend. Gratefully, that damage is currently being healed. I invite you now […] Read more »

Prayers Urgently Needed for the Children

  24,000 children were injected on mass in NSW Australia. They were separated from their parents, who were not permitted to be there with them in the stadium. This is utterly appalling and nothing less than tyranny. Their vaccination is unnecessary and harmful (David Icke speaks of this), and without doubt, part of the dark agenda to experiment on humanity, even though it seems Australia has had strict vaccination policies […] Read more »

Mandatory Vaccinations? – Just say NO!

  Resources to help you understand your rights to refuse mandatory vaccinations, as well as testing, and disclose your personal health information/vaccine status.   Excellent MUST WATCH Project Camelot interview with DR. CARRIE MADEJ: COVID, NANO & THE VAX – the hard truth Your Rights of Refusal with Ted Kuntz, VaccineChoiceCanada President, Rocco Galati, Tanya Gaw, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Paula Tucci, and Vincent Gircys Vaccine Choice Canada’s position paper on […] Read more »

Are You in an Abusive Relationship? – think twice

Over the years I’ve learned that if someone was abused as a child, they often don’t have a reference point of how life can be otherwise. In other words, they believe that this is just the way life is. They wouldn’t even name it as abuse. This is exactly the same situation now globally.  Many people are still unaware that they’re being abused by the global controllers. When you read […] Read more »

10 Reminders to Keep You Stable Now

You are not alone. They are others of like mind and like heart. Steer your intention to connect with them. Love and  truth are the frequencies that are supported now. This is temporary. We are ascending and moving to disclosure, no question about it. Keep choosing the timeline of truth and freedom. Choosing later will be too late. Daily, affirm your intent, consent and authority to be with God only. […] Read more »

Irrefutable Evidence the Virus is Man-made: Crimes Against Humanity

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from Germany have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. It’s being called The New Nuremberg Trials 2021. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. Recently he hosted Dr. David Martin, a professional […] Read more »

The Practice of Allowing Truth

When there is chaos in the outer fields it isn’t easy to hold centre. When there is curiosity in the heart and mind it’s much easier to move through the dross and the density. When there is Light in the core of the Lightbody, then there is a unity with Christ consciousness that supersedes all darkness and creates energy flow, through and above that which intercedes with harm. This is […] Read more »

Canadian Doctors Speak Out

Important video for Canadian parents and all those who want to understand: how medical truth is being suppressed in Canada (including by the College of Physicians and Surgeons) how coercion is being used to administer vaccines how the current vaccines are different than others why they cause adverse reactions how the testing that was done was inappropriate the increase in suicide rates for children how Vitamin D and ivermectin are […] Read more »