The Healing Tree of Beliefs

tree and roots

‘Cross section of a trees’ roots

Understanding the root cause of life’s challenges with energy psychotherapy and core pattern release.

Do you ever wonder why some of our behaviours and habits can be so stubborn? Why do they seem to show up again and again as an unyielding pattern? Perhaps the following analogy will provide some insight. Your belief system can be imagined as a massive tree – the kind that has been growing for years. Each tree has a solid trunk and from the trunk extends thick branches. Reaching out from these sturdy limbs are smaller branches, decreasing successively in size until twigs form the outermost tips. Some of these interconnections are supportive and allow nourishment to flow. Others may hold the structure in place but continue to rob the tree of its life force. Still, the entire network is rooted into the earth.

To address a troublesome life issue with core pattern release we trace a path of beliefs from the twig down to the root. To begin, you would most likely be aware of the apparent behaviour or outward manifestation – the twig that doesn’t allow you to blossom. This is the conscious aspect of your challenge. The underlying cause resides in the subconscious – the root of the tree. In our exploration we uncover the many beliefs that reside in between – the branches that connect the twig and root. These are the beliefs that support the pattern you experience day-to-day, and restrict you in your potential. For example; the presenting problem may be “if I have money I need to spend it”. Some of the connected beliefs that we might uncover in the process may be: “I feel guilty about having money, “spending money gives me control”, and “spending makes me feel loved”. In one chain of thought forms there may be 20-40 beliefs. However, always, the root belief will expose itself quite naturally. Often it’s a very simple statement like “I’m alone”, “I’m don’t matter”, or “I’m not enough.” Witnessing the unfolding is much like watching the ego journey through to its most fundamental illusion.

The “magic” happens in the single, focused release of the root belief. With my command the Creator makes it so. Then all the beliefs tumble. With the root pulled from its anchor there is nothing to hold the energy of the matrix in place. Muscle checking of each belief verifies you have indeed let it go. As a result of this thorough and powerful shift in subconscious energy you can notice the difference in your consciousness. For all intents and purposes, the ego, for the particular matter being addressed, is disarmed and surrendered. If I were to ask you to connect with the original concern, the twig, you would likely report to me that you can no longer do so or that it no longer matters. In other words, its charge or strength has altogether let go. My experience is that clients feel lighter and will sometimes chuckle in relief, commenting how silly the beliefs now seem. It’s possible to move the energy out so deeply because the process releases every belief from the childhood experience of your current life, and energy that you have carried forward from many past generations or other lives. It also discharges obstructive beliefs from the soul. In that regard, it can be said that your pattern is freed from a rather ancient tree with exceptionally deep roots.

The process of exploration in energy psychotherapy is, in itself, rather valuable to your healing in several ways. As the beliefs are uncovered, sometimes a cathartic emotional clearing will occur. Mostly, the process raises your consciousness. In some instances you may only need to hear yourself speak a belief to recognize how worthless it really is. In that second it shifts without any need for directed healing. More commonly, after a healing, with attentive awareness to your own thoughts and behaviours as you go about your living, you will be able to discern other aspects to your concern. As the tree is cleared of the “dead” branches, it becomes easier to spot where the tree is thriving and where it is not. Referring back to the earlier example of needing to spend money when you have it, you may realize that this aspect has been healed and you cease to spend needlessly. However, with that out of the way, you become more aware that you don’t know how to manage your money. If this was also addressed it would move you further toward your goal. Lastly, within the chain of beliefs that you reveal to yourself, you have clues to other limitations related to your initial concern. These can be said to be the adjoining branches that comprise a different portion of the healing tree of beliefs. To illustrate, the belief “spending makes me feel loved” would make you aware that you hold some distortions concerning love. This may or may not be consciously creating difficulty for you, so you can choose whether to follow through with another healing session on this issue.

Overall, core pattern release restores greater vitality to your well being, your beautiful tree, and it becomes more effortless to flower.


So what will you do with your tree of beliefs?

Will you let your experiences affirm the limitations you place on yourself and allow your unsupportive beliefs to take even deeper root?

Or will you let go of the old to enliven your tree with new blooms?

You deserve to blossom.

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