The Healing Tree of Beliefs

tree and roots

Understanding the root cause of life’s challenges with energy psychotherapy and core pattern release. Do you ever wonder why some of our behaviours and habits can be so stubborn? Why do they seem to show up again and again as an unyielding pattern? Perhaps the following analogy will provide some insight. Your belief system can be imagined as a massive tree – the kind that has been growing for years. […] Read more »

Managing our Emotional Transition

woman crying

Emotions – they come and go. They can be uplifting or take us on the most painful journey of the human experience. With the surges of energy on our planet now we can feel their intensity. Ego revels in today’s uncertainty. Your inner child still weeps for love. And ancient rage, anxiety and fear are gaining momentum for their purging. As human creatures, these emotions belong to us, so it’s […] Read more »