Managing our Emotional Transition

woman cryingEmotions – they come and go. They can be uplifting or take us on the most painful journey of the human experience. With the surges of energy on our planet now we can feel their intensity. Ego revels in today’s uncertainty. Your inner child still weeps for love. And ancient rage, anxiety and fear are gaining momentum for their purging. As human creatures, these emotions belong to us, so it’s up to make the most of them, or the least!

Depending where you are in your process of ascension, your emotions will serve different purposes. If you are one who is just awakening you are likely beginning to recognize the powerful ability to heal by acknowledging, expressing and processing your emotions. If you are consciously living through this period in Earth’s evolution, your emotions are signals to pay attention to the reality you’re creating. And if you are a leader in bringing the light, rest assured, you will, if you haven’t already, experience what it’s like to be void of emotion. Energy psychotherapy can bring a great deal of support in all these situations.

Let’s look at the first, common scenario. Debbie was fairly new to the age of consciousness. She was living a seemingly satisfying life, but buried within her heart were years of feelings to do with her inattentive, critical and sometimes abusive parents. Her emotions remained unprocessed. Largely, this was due to her beliefs about emotions. Quite simply emotions were not allowed. With quiet resignation Debbie learned to put her feelings aside, push them down and keep them behind an impenetrable armor that declared, “I will not let the world see me cry.” She is not alone in this. Our culture has advocated for decades that it’s better to be unemotional. On countless occasions I watch new clients fight their natural inclination to let go of pain; they keep their jaw tense, and quickly wipe away any sign of tears. When I let them know that it’s cleansing to cry, they often still swallow hard. Their beliefs will stop them. Many, including those on a spiritual path have undervalued the importance of clearing their emotional bodies. If you are embarrassed by tears, apologize for any of your emotions, or simply pretend they don’t exist, you are still living by unhealthy paradigms. Healing can help you gently change that.

Core pattern release addresses the emotions on three levels. Firstly, at the core, genetic, soul and past life levels, it can change your beliefs about emotions such as: “My emotions get me into trouble”, “I can’t express my emotions”, “If I show my sadness I’ll be criticized” or “I don’t know how to feel.” The list can be rather extensive but the healing is very proficient, profound, and clears many beliefs quickly at the root. Secondly, energy psychotherapy allows you to address the ways that we live with our emotions. For example, many people feel that they need to struggle in life. With healing you can receive a thorough understanding at a DNA level that you can live without struggle: “I know what it means to live without struggle”, “how it feels to live without struggle”, that it’s “safe to live without struggle”, and that “I can give myself permission to live without struggle”. Thirdly, you can replace limitations with supportive energies: “I know how to live with ease” and “how it feels to live with ease”. Instilling these teachings strengthens any old beliefs that have been transformed.

If you are living consciously and emotions are your catalyst for change then congratulate yourself for honouring your feelings. Remember that when we honour our feelings we first allow them and release them. Just letting them ride on the wave of a deep breath is effective. Only after we allow them do we then explore the Divine learning in order to make a conscious choice to change our reality. However, sometimes in a misguided effort to uphold spiritual correctness, the allowing is bypassed and this is certain to hold old energy in the body. Similarly, in working with conscious individuals I often see that their current life seems quite balanced but old, repressed emotions are still lurking in their energy field. It can be quite surprising to them to have the feelings surface when they believe an experience is no longer affecting them. The intention is to not get emotions stuck. If you find yourself spinning in a vortex of repeating emotional reactions, or can’t shake loose an old experience, ego dismantling and core pattern release can help you release their stubborn hold and the beliefs that trigger them. Detoxifying the emotional and mental bodies during ascension is essential.

As for the collective energies that are currently being purged from the very early years of our existence, the same guidelines apply. Breath, allow and let them pass through you. This is how you support Earth in her ascension. You are the alchemical container for her evolution, and partners in this co-generative healing. If you have difficulty discerning whether the energies you are experiencing belong to you personally or not, muscle checking may help. This is the way that we would verify what beliefs you hold before and after a healing, whether we work together in person or over the phone.

We know ourselves through our emotions. It’s funny that often we complain about painful emotions, but when we experience the void, as some Lightworkers do, that can be just as unsettling. What is it like to be human but not feel? Well, it feels non-human! In this too, some beliefs can surface about living in uncertainty, or stir a feeling that ‘something is wrong with me’. We want to liberate any such persistent distortions to allow the beautiful, new frequencies to come through.

Our emotions are energy propelling us in our evolution. This planet is 70% water and so are we. Our blood corresponds to sharing our love with the world and receiving it in return. When our emotional waters flow with ease and are unrestricted by debris we are freed from dis-ease. It’s wise to embrace our emotions. I worked with one client who was astute enough to know that her relationship with her emotions was leading her onto an unnecessary path and perpetuating a generational pattern. After a few sessions of clearing layers of what she believed and felt about emotions, releasing the old emotions she carried, and doing a genetic healing, she received this clear and reassuring guidance from her Higher Self: “You have just saved yourself from cancer.” There’s no doubt she was happy. I would bet Gaia was too.

Our emotions are a natural part of who we have been and will continue to be until such time that we transform to complete Beings of Light. We’re well on our way. Until then, allow them to guide you. Honour your emotions for what they are and let the old pass through you. Create a new Earth. It’s through our emotions that we’ll come to know and anchor great love, joy and peace.

Do you resist your emotional pain? Book a healing session for support and let them go.