Releasing Struggle

coinsStruggle is a very old paradigm that many generations have believed is a necessary part of life. That energy continues to manifest as difficulty with relationships, money, and many more aspects of human living, including spiritual development. Of late, as more awaken to the truth that struggle is control programming, palpable feelings of despair, exasperation at relentless patterns, and seed fears from earlier civilizations are being pushed to the surface to be cleared. This is particularly the case for those on a healer’s path, but all awakening souls are being called to claim their freedom from struggle and move beyond the confines of their core beliefs. Fortunately, as demonstrated in this case study, core pattern release can be facilitated seamlessly with other techniques to unlock deep pains.

As an alternative healthcare practitioner, Sally had strong intuition, skills, intelligence and perseverance. Yet, she was always having financial difficulty and selling herself short. Despite healing with Psych-K, Heilkunst and Resonance Re-patterning, she was tired of still just getting by. We followed my guidance to explore the belief “I struggle in a painful life”, which brought us to dialoguing with her inner child. We recorded the beliefs she expressed through her story, and not surprisingly, the unconscious beliefs that revealed themselves literally described the limiting experiences that Sally was having in current day. As an example, her mother was often in conflict with her father trying to get more money to take care of the children but was unsuccessful. When Sally expressed that her mother was trapped, Sally realized that she felt this same way everyday. In one instance, when Sally’s mother abruptly left home, Dad ignored Sally’s fear and confusion. She was shocked at Dad’s lack of love for her. Her inner child was still working hard to prove herself so that Dad would notice and take care of her. This explained why Sally was trudging along with heavy strain, and why she wasn’t truly taking care of herself. She also took on the energy of her mother who kept trying to get money, love and respect. We released the root of all this; Sally believed she was deficient in energy, love, and power, and had no value.

We also released the shock and trauma from her body, and while her left side (feminine/mother energy) felt lighter, her right side remained blocked (masculine/father energy). We discerned that she had a soul contract with her father to learn self-love through his hate for her. At this point in her evolution, it was permissible for us to adjust this directly. I also freed her from the psychic hooks and cords with both parents, and the sound healing with my voice completed an opening in her heart and crown chakra.

Her deep, perceived deficiencies also directed us to explore three past timelines. In one life, she was killed for speaking her truth and standing in her power, which made her afraid to fulfill her soul purpose. In the second timeline, she gave herself away for money so she believed she was greedy and came to hate money. From a third life, she carried forward the most detrimental belief ‘I do everything in my power to remain in scarcity”. In her conscious mind, Sally would have never guessed this to be true for her. In all instances, at her core, she carried shame, lived in separation consciousness, and believed she was unworthy.

Sally was now able to recognize why and how she had been denying herself and her truth.  Within the next week she found her power to confront her boss, demand respect for all the work she did, and ask for a raise. This was just the beginning of many, swift shifts.

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