The Darkness Behind Religious Animal Sacrifice – time sensitive



This event is occurring now in 2019 – if you feel so called, please pray for an end to this animal abuse.

– Every 5 years, there is a religious event that is almost too disturbing to comprehend. It is taking place this November 28, and 29, 2014. It is called a festival and though the 5 million who reportedly participate, I’m sure, do believe that it is a celebration, it is not.

At the Hindu festival of Gadhimai, hundreds of thousands of animals are brutally sacrificed to honour the Hindu goddess of power. Many of these animals are illegally imported from India and handled in a highly disrespectful manner with the intention of weakening them. Many starve to death in the journey. Then they are slaughtered in traumatic, brutal and painful ways.

The truth is that while participants believe this act binds them to the god/goddess they worship, this blood sacrifice binds them to the controller energies and feeds the proliferation of lower formed satanic vibrations. Unfortunately, this is only one example of the many forms of ritual abuse that have been prevalent on this planet, and why the Divine Mother has been enslaved. This is a distortion of what it means to honour God.

While this darkness is difficult to witness, I’m bringing this forward so that it may be witnessed and changed. There has been some progress reported by those petitioning the government of Nepal to put an end to this event this year.

According to and the Humane Society International – , the supreme court of Nepal has intervened and the Indian government has issued a directive to prevent the movement of animals from India to Nepal during the month of November, reducing the slaughter by large numbers.

Please sign these petitions if you feel called, and watch for continued petitioning to end this event in the future. The work is not done. Another petition can be found at

You can also participate to bring an end to this pattern of darkness by offering your heart-felt prayers.