inner conflict

feeling conflicted in emotions or state of being; two states co-existing that are often in disharmony

The Gift of Discouragement

Discouragement can feel awful. It’s heavy in the body and it can seem like your life force is being siphoned. (Sometimes it is!) It can be enmeshed with grief, anger, disappointment, confusion, despair, and other painful emotions. The thoughts that pervade your mind can be stuck in a mental looping of futility. You may replay a story: “I’ve tried and tried and nothing seems to work. I have persevered and […] Read more »

Critics and Doubters – How Do You Deal With Them?

yelling inner critic

Your worst doubters and critics are not the people outside of you – they will always come and go. The worst are those inside your own spiritual house, attempting to usurp your power. The inner critic doesn’t miss an opportunity to visit you with criticism, attacking and devaluing you in some way, even if it’s your shining moment. It can be accusatory, demanding, and always makes you wrong. Immediately, this […] Read more »

Are You Arguing with Life?

angry boy

Life happens – a constant flow of joyful and painful change, and everything in between. Human resistance is as certain as change, because when the negative ego dislikes anything that is unfolding in life, whether it’s minor or profound, it will seek a means to avoid it. Unfortunately, wanting things to be different than they are through ego-control only amplifies trying circumstances and creates suffering. Ego can make a mountain […] Read more »

What Have You Not Been Willing to See?

Female cardinal

I had a beautiful female Cardinal visit me two weeks ago. I’m glad she didn’t have to martyr herself for my sake – I got the message. She announced herself with a thud. I’m sure she didn’t mean to be so dramatic but she did need to get my attention, so she flew right into my window, unfortunately. And down she fell onto my porch, a little bit surprised as […] Read more »

Natural Forgiveness

Our capacity to forgive rests on a foundation of empathy and reverence for the sacredness of our fellow wo/man. Forgiveness is heart-centered, and when it brings about unity it’s entirely profound; it is the externalization of the beloved Mother/Father God in Divine union, the manifestation of Christ consciousness. Forgiveness is often predicated on the concept that there is some wrong-doing which must be assuaged. We frequently use judgments of ‘right’ […] Read more »

Accepting Yourself and Others

woman reading book on self-esteem

We all look at the world through the personal lens of our own experience. Some people see themselves and others as compassionate and well-meaning, whereas others view and act with judgment, anger or fear. The perception we generally uphold has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves, and ourselves in relation to others. Ask yourself, “From which paradigm do I operate my life?”: I’m not O.K., you’re O.K. […] Read more »

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways

love story

With Valentine’s Day just two days many people turn their focus turns to notions of love. Ah, the desire for romantic passion is still something we sometimes think we desire to save our lonely soul; to be swept off our feet with declarations of devotion and an until-death-us-do-part heart connection. While romance can make us swoon, it is simply a means to deepen attraction. If it is not carried on a foundation of higher love it is empty and fleeting. […] Read more »