Critics and Doubters – How Do You Deal With Them?

yelling inner critic


Your worst doubters and critics are not the people outside of you – they will always come and go. The worst are those inside your own spiritual house, attempting to usurp your power. The inner critic doesn’t miss an opportunity to visit you with criticism, attacking and devaluing you in some way, even if it’s your shining moment. It can be accusatory, demanding, and always makes you wrong. Immediately, this inner critic creates tension in your body, and spews emotional and mental abuse. However, its most lethal promise is that it will keep you doubting yourself. When the doubter invades, you lose trust. Left unattended, they create imbalances in your energy body and auric field, siphoning flow with your God-Source Light.

Did you ever wonder why this inner violence is so pervasive in the human condition? Often, the inner critic is born out of your childhood shaming experiences in this timeline and others. It is an energy pattern you originally created to protect you in your vulnerabilities and stave off external attacks, likely from your primary caregivers. But they also learned this self-diminishment from their care-givers, as did their caregivers, and so on, back in time. It’s an insistent program, and while this expression of the destroyer archetype is widely accepted as simply part of being human and defining our identity, it is not organic to our nature.

The inner critic is mind control, intended by Service-to-Self controllers to scramble the energy receivers in the brain and neurological system of humans, so that there isn’t a clear communication with the frequency of your Christ Consciousness being.  It’s much like static on a radio station, and as you try to fine tune to clarity, it interferes. Either you can never find the clear station or if you do, the static returns. This disruption is sometimes put into the energy field as a holographic audio insert – an inorganic bending of the light/frequency that changes your reality perception and consequently your mental beliefs about your own worth, which, in turn, can stir painful emotions. It is strategically placed at the 10th-dimensional opening of your core manifestation 12-Tree Grid where Christ Consciousness communication is decoded and accessible.

The inner critic has been known as a sub-personality for a very long time in healing circles. However, it has not been widely understood that it is an intentional blockage in the way described above. If we understand this, it makes it somewhat easier to let go of the self-blame that we perpetuate on ourselves because we can’t let it go. Do you see how insidiously it’s designed? You suffer because of its messaging, and if kept unaware, you suffer because you don’t know why you can’t release it.

It is possible to address this destroyer. The inner critic will not go away because you insist. Nor will it go away if you argue with it since it would rather prefer that you engage in a battle. Nor can you tame it with positive thoughts alone. Sometimes the best way to meet this critic is to be aware and present to it without allowing it to take over control. When it shows up, stay still and really use the inhale and exhale of your breath to take you out of your mind and bring you into the ‘now’ moment with yourself. The more you have practised silencing the mind, the more easily its game is revealed. Its messaging can be very obvious, but for those who have largely overridden it with mindful witnessing, it can still be subtlety there. Listen to whatever unique message it has for you. It may have more than one key message. Allow this to be fully witnessed. This means you do not judge the message, or yourself, as right or wrong. There is no value in this. Simply pay attention to its message.

When the message of the inner critic is clear then be sure get clear that it holds no truth. This can be accomplished through energy psychotherapy where we trace the message to its origin and release the emotions and mental beliefs at this root level, whether it originates in this timeline or multi-dimensional experiences. Emotional Freedom Technique is another tool that is freely available and easy to follow. If it is a holographic insert, it can be cleared with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, also available through my services.

There is no place for unloving thoughts about yourself if you choose integrity with your inner core Spirit, so it is kind to be forgiving of yourself even if you do get triggered by the critic or spiral into self-doubt: we are breaking eons of programming! Above all, always find a way to return to believing in yourself – your God-self. Invite faith into your spiritual house to stay and harmonize often. Only in this way will you cultivate your inner love and come to inner knowing.

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