Natural Forgiveness

 'If You Can'

‘If You Can’

Our capacity to forgive rests on a foundation of empathy and reverence for the sacredness of our fellow wo/man. Forgiveness is heart-centered, and when it brings about unity it’s entirely profound; it is the externalization of the beloved Mother/Father God in Divine union, the manifestation of Christ consciousness.

Forgiveness is often predicated on the concept that there is some wrong-doing which must be assuaged. We frequently use judgments of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as acceptable assessments of actions. Instead, the effect of an action is the key consideration, and every experience can serve a higher purpose, IF it brings about learning. The sacred perspective is this; whatever took place can bring deeper meaning, and what has been torn apart can be brought into greater wholeness.

Forgiveness is much more than easing someone’s guilt: it is the cycle of cause and effect in full completion, and the restoration of harmonic resonance. Discussing what took place, the impact it had on all involved, and the change required, are all elements of healing conversation for meaningful forgiveness. However, if the heart remains closed, either for the one forgiving or the forgiven, it blocks the natural law of cause and effect from being fully realized, and completing the healing experience between the two people for which it was created. It impedes at-One-ment with God Source.

To deeply forgive we must yield to our own pain, yet we have difficulty allowing ourselves to feel pain; we shy away, defend, diminish or ignore it. When we rush to forgiveness to alleviate the pain, we ignore what matters the most – the complete release of the painful energy so that it can be left outside of the next-moment interactions between the same two people, or with any others.

To feel our pain requires the willingness to sink into it so that it no longer controls, to embrace and accept it so that it can dissolve in self-compassion. Then the energy is transformed. This is why it is said that we forgive for our own sake, rather than the sake of the other. The one being forgiven must also be willing to feel his/her own pain in having created hurt, whether intentioned or not, and feel the pain caused the other through empathy. Those afraid of feeling will carry the heavy burden of the dense energy.

To free ourselves it’s important to face the truth of our actions. Those which have directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt others, and actions that have hurt us, if left unreconciled, have the potential to remain in our field like accumulated debris – karma. It’s worth taking the time to reflect on our hurts and transform them into sacred exchanges.

This ascension timeline is calling us to clear our imbalanced karma. This means that karma newly created in this lifetime will be returned to you in this lifetime for balancing. Old karma, often experienced as bad luck or thought to be external psychic attack, is also now being brought to consciousness for clearing. This can be carried over from other personal lifetime experiences, ancestral or planetary levels. Yet, all types can be accessed and cleared; the multi-dimensional healing intelligence system with which I work is profoundly helpful.

While the balancing of all our karma may sound unwieldy, and our ability to readily forgive difficult, our essence knows the truth; true freedom is to live deeply in one’s own heart. In self-mastery, forgiveness is natural, and just the completion of the law of cause and effect, to ease suffering and return us to our inner balance. Forgiveness is Divine union, with our own Spirit, and the souls with whom we journey. When you embrace this opportunity you are the embodied Cosmic Christ.

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