letting go of heavy./dense emotions

Freedom from Self-Punishment

The healing journey requires self-responsibility and sometimes a willingness to face unpleasant truths. To participate with self-honesty we have to be willing to ask, “Do I punish myself?’ It may not be an easy question, but self-punishment, unfortunately, is rather common, and if we choose to free ourselves, it’s worth exploring. Defining Self-Punishment While many would state that self-punishment is a conscious intentional harming of oneself, it’s driving force is […] Read more »

Peace Begins With Me

'Om mani padme hum'

* I breathe deeply and softly * I think gentle thoughts * I walk slowly * I give gratitude to all my experiences today, even the difficult ones * if I experience any challenge with another person today, I view life from their perspective and find my connectedness * I make an effort to extend simple courtesies * I do something kind and unexpected for a stranger today * if I find myself in conflict I ask myself, […] Read more »

Natural Forgiveness

Our capacity to forgive rests on a foundation of empathy and reverence for the sacredness of our fellow wo/man. Forgiveness is heart-centered, and when it brings about unity it’s entirely profound; it is the externalization of the beloved Mother/Father God in Divine union, the manifestation of Christ consciousness. Forgiveness is often predicated on the concept that there is some wrong-doing which must be assuaged. We frequently use judgments of ‘right’ […] Read more »


woman hugging herself

(definition) Self-compassion: you in your fullest potential – right now! When we feel compassion for others, we open our hearts to bring love to suffering in the desire to alleviate it for them. Compassion for others is: * noticing their suffering * feeling with them in their pain * responding with kindness no matter what the circumstances * acknowledging the imperfection of the human condition, and loving anyway We are a […] Read more »

A Journey of Forgiveness


Lately there seems to be a focus in the media on the topic of forgiveness; stories of tragedy are retold, the heroes inspire us and our hearts unfold. We need to see and hear from these miraculous vessels of compassion, the people who show us that it is possible to be God-like in our forgiveness. Perhaps they reflect to us so much of their divinity because they have experienced so deeply the value of their humanity. […] Read more »

Being Thanks

woman smiling

Imagine – your wish can be granted. What are 5 things you most needed when you were growing up which you feel you didn’t get? They can be yours. What did you answer? The question is a powerful one. When I ask this of my clients I get powerful answers. I never hear them list things they didn’t have, like more money, better clothes, a nicer room or better vacations. Even from those people who grew up […] Read more »

Reflections of God’s Love

seeing each other

Love. It comes to us surprisingly, develops over time, or doesn’t seem to be present at all. It takes many forms – familial, romantic or self-love. It is offered without condition or disguised as generosity through expectation. For some it is celebrated every day, or for others it is made special on the 14th of February. Our definition and experience of love is varied and diverse. So what truly is love? Love is an energy that emanates from our heart […] Read more »