Peace Begins With Me

'Om mani padme hum'

‘Om mani padme hum’

* I breathe deeply and softly

* I think gentle thoughts

* I walk slowly

* I give gratitude to all my experiences today, even the difficult ones

* if I experience any challenge with another person today, I view life from their perspective and find my connectedness

* I make an effort to extend simple courtesies

* I do something kind and unexpected for a stranger today

* if I find myself in conflict I ask myself, “How you can I do things differently and get what I want with peace?”

*I love myself with great compassion for my journey here on Earth

* I keep a half-smile on my face, it naturally invokes peace

* I find time to play with an animal or a child

* I bring myself back to remembering the truth of who I AM – peace and love

 * I release what is standing in my way of being peace….


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