Pay Attention to Your Heart

healingWhether you are feeling it or not, we have collectively shifted our consciousness into the 4-6D soul matrix of the next Harmonic Universe. We’ve been preparing for this, and at the end of 2017, we anchored into the 5th dimension. How 2018 and beyond will play out exactly is unknown until we live it. However, to navigate the impact on your experience, remember the key phrase “pay attention to my heart.”

This shift to the Second Harmonic Universe means that the planetary body has gradually collapsed its lower chakra dimensions 1-3, purging many negative and dense energies. The transmuted energies will merge with the next octave in the universal time matrix. This changes our collective consciousness, along with the rhythms and natural laws that regulate these energy fields.

As humans on this Earth, we have been, and are still, all moving along together in this ascension experiment and unprecedented changing history, yet the timeline on which we exist and our spiritual movement forward will vary based on our unique blueprint and where our base frequency is located in our Lightbody configuration.

'where the light shines through, scott richard'

‘where the light shines through, scott richard’

Those who have been actively conscious may have already shifted consciousness, and dissolved their lower chakra membranes. This collective shift will create greater ease to complete soul embodiment or access the next station of identity, whether that is the monad (dimensions 7-9) or the Christ Avatar Self (dimensions 10-12 and beyond).

Whether conscious of it or not, others who are not actively participating with their spiritual ascension but engage with love and kindness, or those who are now reclaiming their soul body, are moving into the soul timeline, eventually dissolving the barrier between the solar plexus and the heart. Awakening to the heart can be immensely liberating. However, with it comes the necessary healing of soul wounds, and letting go of the negative ego of the lower dimensions, in order to establish a core Self. For those who are currently having a life experience that is serving as a catalyst for awakening, this would be the experience of the dark night of their soul. For these souls, with this collective shift, it may feel denser than before. It can feel quite intense, chaotic or confusing now to have to address what is split from the higher soul frequencies, if one doesn’t have the tools for managing the emotional and mental bodies or hasn’t established spiritual practices. Continuing to reactively feed negative ego patterns or refusing to change will only reinforce any blockages and pain, so some may feel the urgency to transform.

Healing Heart

Healing Heart by Amâeil

We may also witness or find ourselves interacting with those who are having difficulty with energetic coherence within or between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This can lead to mental splitting, inaccurate perceptions, projecting onto others with blame or attacks, needing to control outcomes, duplicity, or simply not being able to cope. Indeed, we may see more of this lack of cohesion in family systems, workplaces or organizations as well. There will be those who will continue in the third dimensional descending timelines.

Heart of handsSo, as always, and as we all co-exist now, we must pay attention to our hearts. Every one of us has to be willing to see that our heart can align with higher harmonics or it can be closed to what’s most transformative and beneficial for us individually and collectively. The closed heart will not know how to be joyful and flow with the unfamiliar, as the closed heart is a manifestation of ego pain and self-deception, and disconnection. It will perpetuate restriction, dysfunction and separation. On the other hand, the open heart will be able to freely and faithfully trust in each opportunity that is unfolding before it and learn, in order to live in fulfillment of one’s highest expression, and in turn, the highest good of all. It’s the open heart that will move into collaboration and unified co-operation in a universal group consciousness that is based in Law of One and God, Sovereign, Free principles and values. This always creates cohesion and expansion, and is essential to our continued consciousness evolution toward Service to Others. Unifying our higher mind and heart will steady us in this sea change.

'Touch with your heart more than with+your+hands.' www.

‘Touch with your heart more than with+your+hands.’

The open heart is still the master tool for discerning what feels to be truth for us and what doesn’t. If ever this was important it’s now, because as the timelines shift and fresh possibilities emerge as our reality, there will be much to choose from and more to discern. If we ascertain energetic resonance when change comes our way then we’ll be able to sustain ourselves in our journey. Resonance always feels as though there is flow and ease because that is an indication of alignment with the true self, the God Source-Within. If there’s no resonance then we can feel questioning, put upon, or mistrustful. Take note that it’s not about right versus wrong. Yes, there can be unresolved wounding, confusion and distortions in any dissonance, but it’s still our journey that’s unfolding, and it remains our responsibility to clarify them. So we must not get lost in rhetoric, old paradigms of false power and hierarchy, or blindly accept directives of the collective or anyone or thing outside of us, but instead come to know our true Selves. Our resonant choices will lead to mutually supportive and healing communities.
you are the heart of the EarthOur heart helps us to be the Divine humans that we are. In all our history this has been its purpose. It hasn’t always been used well. Let’s use it now for being the peace.

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“[I’m] not praying or wishing or hoping for peace and love anymore — I’ve decided to become it. You know, it comes to a point in life where you decide: Do you want to go home, or become home? And then: Will that bring home to everybody within? That’s what ‘The Shift’ feels like to me.”

Jessica Schab : A Crystal Child Speaks Out
Sedona, Arizona, December 2008

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2018 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban