Separation Anxiety



Anxiety is a form of fear, not love. It is mired in ego illusion. The deep illusion is separation from God.

If we do not see that we are God we will forever see God as outside of us, and immediately, God is a thing with which we have to develop relationship. Given that this God is often seen as vastly larger than the small “me”, this perspective renders us submissive and powerless: “How do I connect to God? God can control me. How do I possibly control God? Can I trust God? What if God doesn’t approve of me? I’m not safe.” In this perception we are victim.

If we hold this perception of our God, we hold this perception of life: it is ever-changing, unpredictable, and uncontrollable.  While it is true that everyday life can seem this way, what’s missing is trust of ourselves: that we can handle it.

Of course, the small “me” has a small sense of worthiness and it will often deem itself incapable, insufficient, unadaptable, irresponsible, unlovable, unmotivated and negative, to name just a few.

Combine lack of self-trust and low self-esteem and we conjure thoughts of bad things and things going wrong that we think we will not be able to get out of. It feels unsafe and the brain and sympathetic nervous system goes into flight-or-fight to keep the body safe and survive. Anxiety is in the “flight” portion of the response, which can manifest in bodily symptoms of a racing heart, shallow breath, trembling and dizziness, and a range of feelings such as discomfort, timidness, confusion, doubt, apprehension, overwhelm, worry, dread, panic and terror. We lose our centre. (The despair and hopelessness of depression can follow suit.)

These thoughts and emotions mostly reside in the subconscious. Memories of pain and trauma are the triggers, including not only those from childhood experiences but also those from parallel timelines and the collective unconscious, and yet the lower mind will try to find a solution.

As long as we look to our ego thoughts, ego emotions, and ego behaviours for help, we will be looking for answers in the same matrix where the root of the anxiety resides: dimensions 1-3, otherwise known as the personality or ego matrix. Ego’s version of attempting to resolve the problem is to control through the use of false power, illusion, contraction, repetition, linear thinking and soullessness.

This strategy is very similar to the negative alien agenda: assert power over humanity, hide the truth of their planetary and galactic history, deceive them with false realities, distort their DNA, damage the planetary logos and grids, and oppress the human brain and nervous system to disrupt consciousness, entrap them with mind control programs, frequency manipulations, and addiction patterns that they think are natural to humanity and continue to enforce through their own making, and make them feel powerless because they can’t find a way out.  The controllers continue to create the problem, we react, and they provide “solutions” that limit our freedoms even further.

This strategy that propagates separation anxiety has worked well because many people don’t know they are God-Source Light. This has been the best kept secret from humanity by the negative alien forces. It’s kept us in the dark. Without having a context for the insanity on this planet, and without the knowledge of Divine human multi-dimensionality and history, humanity would continue to spin in anxiety, trying to find answers, trying to find freedom.

As we become more aware of our multi-dimensionality, and expand through embodied soul (4-6D) and monadic dimensions (7-9D), we operate less from survival programs, but can still sometimes get triggered into fears. At such times, we may be accessing broader experiences through those dimensional bodies, such as devastation and catastrophe memories, as an example.  As we clear these, we have greater access to our organic higher sensory perception.

To clear anxiety at any stage of our evolutionary growth, at the root, we must clear the trauma and pain in the central nervous system, the mental beliefs, the instinctual or emotional pain, religious programs, and the addiction programs that perpetuate self-victimization. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is especially intelligent conscious technology for doing so.

Taking the time to feel safe, and bring calm through the parasympathetic nervous system and brain is highly beneficial. When we feel relaxed in our body and mind, we can be more present to accurately discern what is arising in our experience. This includes everything from day-to-day stresses and their physical manifestations of body pain, and dis-ease, through to dark force attacks, interference and possessions.



Whether we are anxious for a few minutes, living in perpetual low-grade fear, or committedly nurturing our courage, the ultimate change will only occur if our God-self within becomes the way of our being. This is the True Self that is grounded, still, and centred in the body and heart, is deeply breathing the nourishment of Light, here and now, holding trust in the high frequency field of grace, and fearless in knowing the ‘I AM’ is eternal because it is One with God and All of Creation.

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