I AM not who i think i am

To fully step into your power
you must be willing to reveal to yourself
the truth of who you are.

'Genesis' flickrcc.net

‘Genesis’ flickrcc.net

I have had more than one client say to me that they are reticent to look at themselves in the mirror. Quite a few tell me that they are afraid to see their shadow and what they might realize. But what I witness in many – almost all – is that they do not fully see the truth of who they are. And we’re all learning to see.

Recognizing the truth of you is not an intellectual exercise, but a commitment to inner freedom. It requires that you be willing to move through the false constructs created by the mind that define you and their emotional hooks. This journey with self is no different than walking through to the core of the earth: unearthing the sand and soil can be like child’s play compared to digging down into countless deposits of rock laid down through historic evolutions. The layers seem to be never-ending but they are accessible with the appropriate tools. Practicing equanimity and ego discipline are two of them: you have to want to know the truth of you.

'Grand Canyon - Deeper' flickrcc.net

‘Grand Canyon – Deeper’ flickrcc.net

You cannot truly see yourSelf if you are still waiting to be seen and heard by others – and many are. Others can never give you the inner peace that comes with deep self-acknowledgment. They can only serve to reflect how deeply you see yourself. You, as the God parent, must become the most meaningful mirror for your wounded, inner child and help him/her remember when s/he was magical, intuitive, playful and creative, and felt connected to God, and that s/he is always lovable. Allowing yourself to receive this fully into yourself is the alchemy. This restorative healing though is the beginning to the end of false stories about the self – these are still ideas of self.

You cannot attach to the ideas of who you think you are or what you think they will bring you. These will only act like a tether that repeatedly pulls you back from the vast possibilities. Any notions of what must be, should be, and will be are only expectations of control. This includes who you thought you would become, and how you planned or imagined your life unfolding. Even any insistence that you know your truth is still mired in ego. One has to bow with humility to the limitation of the mind and lower self in experiencing the mystery of your vastness. My experience has been that the more I expand in consciousness the less I can claim certainty with anything outside of my direct experience.

'Into The Unknown' flickrcc.net

‘Into The Unknown’ flickrcc.net

To really see yourself as truth you must freely give your personal will over to God. Only the flow of the Divine frees your soul or monadic being into your highest expression. To suspend yourself in this inner, sacred marriage is to be the breath of God on Earth. To simply BE this is you vibrating as truth. You are the ‘now’ moment.

This neutrality is the healing frequency. Sans judgment, value placement, polarization, ideation or anticipation, neutrality is Krystal clarity. To hold this neutrality in your form is to allow the Divine to seep into the bedrock of your history and humanity’s and dissolve the distortions with effortlessness. Source will take care of it.

The challenge that many consciously awakening beings face is how to translate this to daily life on Earth. Let’s recognize that only negative ego sees it this way. It will only bring in self-doubt to complicate the simplicity and can drown your inner Spirit like a rock tied to a feather. It will try to hold onto the power and try to take credit for the flow of your life if you enable it. Consciousness, on the other hand, has no issue with itself or anyone. In part, I think we tend to question our truth because until we are fully free, some part of us is always discerning the dross that is less than pure love. We are balancing as a continuous act and moving back and forth with remembering who we are. However, the choice in every moment is the same: “Do I want to align with the love than I AM or what I am not?” When we choose not to align/surrender, we only disrupt our awakening.  We have to drop the fear of losing control and take a chance. We cannot keep giving ego control and expect to “one day” to be free. Holding neutrality in each ‘now’ frees us.

I personally feel most at home in my solitude and stillness. Yet, at times, I have questioned the balance of this with my outward activities. When I still hear the ego prodding me to ‘get going’, I now know, that if I sit in my truth, I feel the deep, resonant joy with being Pure Presence, in stillness. I remember why I came here, and it feels true for me to do less. I see more of who I AM – the real me. I am reminded of my choices if I am to align with my Highest Expression. Then I can let go of any distraction that wants me to get busy with what my ego calls living. Only love matters and I flow again.

It can seem to some that too much is being asked by Spirit when truthfully it is so little. Spirit doesn’t ask you to stop living. Spirit asks you to be freely and joyfully vulnerable, to give over to your God-Self to have life! Be who you are. Know that your consistent intention to be remembered as truth will be acknowledged through your organic phases of spiritual growth as you participate with them. Apply this surrender to all areas of your life: money, relationships, work, health, and especially those moments when it seems all is failing. When you take responsibility to see and release the illusions by which you’ve defined yourself, timelines/trajectories will collapse and your path may change because you are clearing what has been inorganic to you. Doors may close and people in your life may fall away, but others will gracefully open. Allow this in trust with your Higher Self.

It’s your commitment to holding neutrality in all your moments that stretches you to anchor the true knowing of who you are. Within this intention you must accept that love is truth and accept that truth is who you are at your core. Your work is to stop resisting what is already in your heart. See yourSelf. You’re radiant!

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