The Ego’s Defense of Feeling Unsafe



While there are many different types of ego defense strategies that keep us from embracing our highest expression, the one that I come across most often in helping others, and have known well myself, is “feeling unsafe”.

Feeling unsafe manifests in varied ways. We mistrust others and avoid emotional intimacy. We can push people away to pre-empt being hurt again, and even isolate. We may prefer to control life with a rigid routine. We may be demanding, hypervigilant, or hypersensitive. We can feel confused, edgy or hold body tension.

We can feel unsafe for countless reasons. Perhaps our childhood home felt unstable or volatile because Dad would explode in unexpected rages, or there was never enough money to ensure that our basic needs such as food or warmth would be met. Abrupt immersion into a new home, school or culture was overwhelming. Becoming lost as a child, witnessing an accident, losing a parent, being frequently ill, or abused, and more, can all create feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. Though, an experience does not have to be sudden or dramatic to create an effect on our memories, chemical balance, emotions or physiology. How we perceive an experience can make it traumatic for us, more than the facts might dictate, and it is still entirely valid. Prolonged anxiety, stress, feelings of powerlessness or fear can also create trauma and perpetuate the energy of contraction in our bodies.

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Given our history with the negative alien deception on Earth and the continued manipulation by these controllers, feeling unsafe is entirely understandable. Both our collective and personal timelines hold plenty of trauma. As we spiritually evolve into higher dimensions of consciousness, our memories can return, or we can feel triggered without having a conscious context. Witnessing horrific scenes, being persecuted for knowing truth, feeling abandoned by God, crucifixion group consciousness, alien abduction, or cataclysmic planetary explosions can be the cause.

People sometimes judge themselves as psychologically weak or carry shame for not being able to handle or move past a trauma. However, it’s important to understand that the trauma is not the event or experience, but the way the body automatically takes over during those times it is registering a threat. We can hold onto trauma long after because the trauma remains in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates our bodily functions such as heart rate, respiration and digestion. So this means it operates outside of our conscious choice and control. This is intelligently designed, and very helpful to us in times of intensified experiences that put us on alert. When we feel threatened, the instinctual brain will automatically and unconsciously take over and move into fight or flight. Think of accidentally putting your hand on a hot stove – your hand immediately pulls back. After such intensity, the body will rebalance naturally. As an example, I remember spinning out on the highway one wintery day, and while I was uninjured and able to drive away, it was then that my legs began to tremble, letting off the tension. However, if the body doesn’t have that opportunity to rebalance from a traumatic event, or the continual experience of fight or flight from daily pressures, then the body bears the stress.



Healing the origin of any trauma reclaims a sense of safety. Yet, there is one tool that is already quite familiar to most and is readily accessible – being in the ‘now’ moment. While breathing deeply into the belly, we can become fully aware of what we are noticing with each and every one of our five senses – what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel on our skin. This ‘now’ consciousness pulls us out of fearful, future thoughts, or past painful emotions, and reprograms the autonomic nervous system. If we do this often, it can calm and help us/our inner child feel safe again. Also engaging the senses this way as we recall safe, happy or comforting memories can restore our resilience. We have the power.

Our surest safety is with our God Within. God is found in our joys, heart connections, balance, patience, kindness, humility, self-responsibility, compassion, unconditional love, and creativity, to mention just a few. Most of all, God is our authentic expression. It’s possible to feel safe there.

'Lotus 1'

‘Lotus 1’

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Amâeil (Melinda Urban)