Are You Loving Your House That God Built?

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Every human body speaks volumes. It is filled with a fantastic history –yours from this timeline, yours from other lives and dimensions, the history of your ancestors and of all of humanity. It is a hologram, the whole in every part. If it could express itself with words it would speak of pain, addiction, bliss and horrors, buoyancy and stiffness, regret, happy memories and miracles. It would stream stories, perspectives of clarity and confusion, and truth. It would be elated to finally be heard, and perhaps dismayed at how long it took to reach understanding. But it’s most important to ask, “Would your body ever speak of love?”

My relationship with my body (physical and subtle energy bodies) has been like any other worthy of investment; not easy, ever-changing, rhythmic, and at times, out-of-step. Eventually it turned into one of deep appreciation. As often is the case, the richness came from trials and imbalance, the absence of its natural flow, missing what was taken for granted. I’m not the first to realize that my body is my temple, as wise ones have been saying it for years. But I am the first to love it as I do now, with clarity of purpose. If not me, who?

My body is my consciousness partner. Like many people, I didn’t always have this knowing. Nobody told me that I was energy. Taking care of my body at first focused on keeping the physical mechanics moving – feeding it well and exercising often. But when it became very ill many years ago, it was clear that my body wasn’t happy, and the self-care shifted dramatically to better nourishment, a clearing of stuck emotions, and liberation through joys. It spoke to me loudly then, asking for help to return to balance. I became aware of my subtle bodies, and I learned that what I put into my body, and let go, was directly related to my consciousness expansion. But I awakened again to understand that there was another larger aspect: my whole body was here for atomic transmutation. Like other Starseeds and Indigos, my body expressly serves as a template for the embodiment of Christ consciousness for the greater whole, by releasing old cellular patterns in the DNA and in turn, the planetary grids. This process can be intense and is not bliss, but this is how I agreed to be of service. It just is, having equal value to each unique contribution that expresses through every other body on this planet.

I am not my body, but my body has a purpose. My body, like yours, serves as a home for my soul’s expression, uniquely created for all that is necessary for my biological ascension in this timeline, and to bring my spiritual self into alignment with unity consciousness. Its job is to help facilitate the opening of my consciousness into higher dimensions. It moves through stages of initiation, accretion and then activation of higher frequencies (see Ascension Symptoms). Each time it does, new layers of histories, new clearings and new needs move through it. This is why it has to be flexible. But I have to repeatedly choose this participation and respectful co-operation, as does each person, in order to allow the highest and clearest healing. Whether you feel the changes with intensity or not, your body is also changing from carbon to silicate, in alignment with your consciousness and purpose, and the changing planetary consciousness. The opportunity is to purify it of miasmas, karma, trauma, dis-ease, limiting emotions, mind control, etc. – all densities that are impeding the assimilation of higher frequencies and your return to the wholeness of your Divine blueprint, and inner, sacred balance as God intended. My services, especially the gift of the the Hieros Gamos Consciousness Field can be immensely helpful to you in this way.

I experience the Divine through my body repeatedly. When I ask for support I receive it. If I listen for what it needs I am guided. If I follow through it yields to rapid shifting. There is a kind exchange that has been nurtured. After all these years of getting to know my body very well, I’ve learned how to dance with it and treat it well. My refined connection with my body consciousness is now one of sharp awareness, frequent dialogue and high discernment. And I am immensely grateful for each new dimensional opening, which allows Source to work through me more easily.

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However, one thing was most important. It was a while before I learned to attend to all this with deep love. Why? Ironically, I would have to say that I wasn’t fully in my body. A part of me resisted being here on Earth. I wanted to fly not ground, so accepting my body was synonymous with accepting me and my mission, no matter what, with all its wounds, emotions, its teachings, and its particular, intentional but challenging energy signature.

The key to any transformation is love, to be fully present in allowing the neutrality and purity of God-Source Light; no judgment, no resistance, no effort, no attachment, and no expectation, only awareness. Consciousness knows itself and it is always available. This is who you are. And your body is designed in perfect partnership. Sit in stillness and drop into your body daily to be tenderly nourished with higher frequencies of love and gratitude; say “thank you” to your God-Self.

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