The Synergistic Benefit of Bodywork and Energy Healing


You may have heard the expression “the issues are in the tissues”.  And indeed your physical body is not separate from your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. A while back I was receiving some bodywork and we tripped upon the tension in my right leg from a traffic accident I had many years ago. I wasn’t actually hurt at the time, but the surprise of my car spinning out on […] Read more »

Are You Loving Your House That God Built?

hearts on body

Every human body speaks volumes. It is filled with a fantastic history –yours from this timeline, yours from other lives and dimensions, the history of your ancestors and of all of humanity. It is a hologram, the whole in every part. If it could express itself with words it would speak of pain, addiction, bliss and horrors, buoyancy and stiffness, regret, happy memories and miracles. It would stream stories, perspectives […] Read more »

Ascension Symptoms

These are various symptoms that are experienced through the bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as it acclimatizes to higher frequencies and shifts in consciousness during the ascension process. Given that bodies are changing in step with planetary changes, any part of the body may be affected at one time or another and those changes are felt symptomatically in the bodies. The embodiment of higher frequencies passes through 3 stages: […] Read more »