The Synergistic Benefit of Bodywork and Energy Healing



You may have heard the expression “the issues are in the tissues”.  And indeed your physical body is not separate from your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

A while back I was receiving some bodywork and we tripped upon the tension in my right leg from a traffic accident I had many years ago. I wasn’t actually hurt at the time, but the surprise of my car spinning out on ice created tension in my body and in my driving leg. I recall that after that incident, as I drove away, my legs started to shake. Thank goodness that some tension was relieved at that time. But over the years it just felt like my legs were getting heavier and not wanting to move and dance the way they once enjoyed. Unbeknownst to my conscious self, this was part of the reason why. After this very brief body clearing, it felt like my life was restored. Within the next hour I found myself dancing, light and moving easily again with renewed enthusiasm. This experience really confirmed just how beneficial bodywork can be, especially for releasing emotional pain like trauma.

Sometimes in my healing sessions with clients, an intended change to a physical concern is the open door into our exploration. The focusing technique I use in healing sessions engages body awareness and releases associated emotional and mental painful layers, which then create positive shifts in the physical body. Hands-on or long distance energetic work may also be utilized. The Hieros Gamos System I offer is surgery of the etheric body. Yet, sometimes a physical manipulation of the body’s muscles, fascia, or bones can enhance our work by freeing these releases further, or support the integration and embodiment of the healing. Hands-on bodywork, whether it’s massage, visceral manipulation, osteopathy or cranial sacral work, can deepen the shifts from our inner work together.

Bodywork treatments can also be more effective when combined with inner, spiritual clearing. Osteopath Pam Ennis ( tells me that her client’s body is more accessible during a bodywork treatment after she refers them for a healing session with me, especially if the patterns/issues that were presenting in the body were related to previous timelines or multi-dimensional experiences.

Be well in mind, body, emotions and heart.

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