The Secret, Abusive Alien Trauma

Who's Out There?

Who’s Out There? by Amâeil

We have many individuals walking around, scratching their heads and asking themselves,  “Why do I feel unsafe?”, “What makes it so hard to just survive?”, “Why can’t I trust?”, and for awakening Starseeds in particular, “Why do I always feel attacked?” Knowledge is power. But what if the knowledge you’re seeking in answer to these questions is intentionally hidden from you so that you can never access it? What if your memory was wiped and the real history was replaced with a false one? It sounds like a diabolical plotline to a dark movie. In truth, it’s the collective reality that we have been experiencing on the earth for thousands of years.

The trauma of the alien invasion of Earth that began since the Atlantian cataclysm is still one of the best kept secrets that is out in the open. I mean that if you care to look, if you inquire, if you value truth, you will see the signs of our enslavement all around you, and yet full disclosure has yet to happen for humanity. While it may shock some initially, in terms of our collective evolution it would be tremendously healing! And that’s because you can only change what you can acknowledge.

If we want to get a good sense of the effect that this alien trauma has on our living, all we have to do is consider what it felt like to have experienced the trauma of any type of abuse in our early formative years, or hold empathy for those who have, through our own experienced feelings of fear, powerlessness, or devaluation. There is a strong parallel between humanity’s response to the biggest deception of our spiritual evolution and the child’s response to cruelty.

Childhood Abuse Trauma

A child that is abused learns that it’s not safe to be authentic, though this is perceived as “normal”. There’s a confused reference point of what it’s like to know the True Self. When confronted with a controlling parent, one of the best survival strategies is to shut down emotional expression and stay in mental focus. Anger and rage for having suffered boundary violations are often repressed and remain denied in the subconscious. While this serves as protection at the time, it also disconnects an individual from the heart, and therefore, the ability to have empathy. After all, if you can’t trust your parent how can you trust and connect with others? If you’re not allowed to express yourself, how can you come to know who you are? How can you come to develop trust and love with yourself?

The traumatized child often sits in anticipation of what might come next. The central nervous system is suspended in fight or flight, and sitting in the unknown is entirely associated with fear and lack of safety. The idea of being authentically vulnerable is distorted: to be open, receptive and in touch with the heart can feel like a foreign concept. While there may be some vague internal longing to know their Spirit, it feels inaccessible. When the disconnection from Self is too agonizing to acknowledge or feel, coping strategies such as addiction patterns are used to cover up the emotional pain.

Alien Abuse Trauma

fear of the dark

‘Fear of the Dark’

Similarly, the alien hybridization trauma and its hidden agenda has cheated humanity of knowing its Divinity. The distortions placed on the human blueprint, and the daily manipulations, have been so pervasive that there is a confused perception of what it means to be human. The inorganic and dead energies, the predator mind, sexual misery, emotional turmoil, enslavement, and the black magic of money, to name just a few influences, have become accepted as the “normal reality” on Earth. And yet, it doesn’t feel safe, and the insanity doesn’t make sense. We don’t know exactly why we feel angry and disconnected, we just are.  Our boundaries have been severely violated through multiple timelines in multiple ways yet this remains both intentionally hidden from us and largely repressed by many. When we consider the heavy impact of wars and invasions, it only adds to humanity’s separation consciousness and intolerances. It’s perfectly understandable that our inclination would be to lean into self-protection from further hurt, even if we don’t know its true origins! Of course our cellular memory would hold feelings of aloneness and fear of the unknown! This all translates to shutting down the heart and denying the Authentic Self. The mind dominates. Unfortunately, it is therefore difficult to develop our organic higher sensory perception. Then especially, how do you learn to trust your Higher Self? How do you trust yourself with others?

The fight or flight trauma response remains in our collective consciousness. I have memories, as do others, of the powerlessness we felt during the reptilian invasion, or one of the many historical timeline trigger events. Years ago, I revisited the cosmic rage again and again without being able to understand why. With such overlays, it’s easy to see why vulnerability is commonly associated with the negative polarity of being afraid and exposed, and that allowing ourselves to surrender into union with the Mystery of Life stirs fear of the unknown. It’s just like having some very vague memory of childhood abuse, and so emotional intimacy can feel too risky or raw. It’s no surprise that we have to cultivate our own God-sense of inner security through healing, or otherwise we keep looking externally to anything and everything to cover up the discomfort and try to feel whole. This is an addiction pattern. If we want relief, but we don’t know that we are Divine, or even know that we have a Spirit, we keep searching in ineffective ways.

Knowledge Truly is Power

Any trauma we have experienced in simultaneous timelines, and from our fallen history, can be used to keep the pain alive. The ‘negative form’ is like a part of our tortured consciousness or a splinter from our shadow body that is connected to our incarnation in a trauma timeline. It’s used by the controlling forces to recreate or usurp our genetic material and parasitize our energy. My personal experience with this is that it can keep us looping in the pain of the trauma, and this lower frequency is exactly what they are after. However, with awareness, the negative forms can be cleared from our Lightbodies. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is ideal for this and all clearing.

Trauma Can Be Changed

The healing is in being able to tell the truth, release the emotional pain and allow self-expression. For the abused child this means that the Higher Self comes to provide the unconditional acceptance and love that he/she never received. For humanity it means reclaiming our sovereignty through education and commitment to know ourselves in our multi-dimensionality and Divinity. This includes clearing our Lightbody.

The alien trauma is no longer entirely hidden, and we don’t have to wait for full disclosure to create change. Further, disclosure will never come in the way of a Messiah returning to Earth. God is never “out there” so stay clear of any such future pronouncements! Keep looking within.

child dancing

‘There’s no hiding his beautiful rainbow spirit!

The Truth Sets Us Free

I have witnessed countless stories from courageous individuals who demonstrated the resilience of the Human Spirit to rise above tremendous pain and darkness in their lives even when the alien trauma was still hidden to their consciousness. However, I have also witnessed the great relief that they feel when they hear the truth revealed: everything starts to fall into place, and they feel validated in that they sensed something was “off” all along. They realize they are not alone, they are not broken, and they are Eternally Divine. Our freedom lies in our God-given power of choice – to reclaim our consciousness, reclaim our hearts, reclaim peace within, and reclaim peace on Earth. And so it is.

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2021 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban