How Far Back Can Addiction Patterns Go?

addiction to drugs

‘Cradle to Grave, Pharmacopeia’

Starseeds and Indigos in particular can carry inherited addictive patterns that they are here to clear from their bloodline to put an end to the generational and planetary patterns. I have worked with some clients who have cleared countless addictions, many of which they did not even remotely know existed in their energy field. The origin can be quite distant, but they can be retriggered depending which dimensional energy is being embodied by the individual, and therefore, which timelines they are recalling for integration.  This is why in my blog posts I often refer to the importance of witnessing and clearing memories and influences from other lives.

I share here a personal experience. On one occasion when I was processing Atlantis explosion memories, I felt the utter despair about feeling powerless to help the animals. The pain was so immense that there was a momentary flash of “somebody just give me a pill and make it go away.” I noted this but didn’t have the energy to consider it at that time. It just flew in and left. It’s absolutely never been me to take a pill or any drug to dull emotional pain. And yet there it was. Then I realized, this was the addiction pattern that kept coming up for me when I was clearing other timelines for myself with the AoA Hieros Gamos System. I intellectually understood the connection then, but now it hit home – obviously the pain was too intense in this other life for me to handle it and I was addicted to drugs, and/or this was a mind control program at play. In this timeline, I would never resort to drugs, but note how energy of this insidious nature can still perhaps influence our choices in this timeline.

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