Feeling Overwhelmed?


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When we are feeling overwhelmed we are out of balance. Anything can take us in this direction and it’s easy to say, “Well, it’s just life”. But some reflection and a closer examination can reveal what is contributing to the feeling that “it’s too much”.

Another word for ‘overwhelm’ is ‘overpower’, meaning that something is taking over our mind and/or emotions. So this then means that we are giving our power away. Perhaps we are giving into demands of false deadlines, our unreasonable expectations, or confused priorities. We can also be giving our power away to someone: the people we are trying to please, those whom we think we owe, or false authorities. On a much deeper level it’s possible that what’s causing us our bodies and neurology to be overcome are the subconscious memories, traumas, EMF pollution, timeline triggers, fears, limiting beliefs or perspectives, religious wounds, old emotional pain, or addiction patterns. Whatever ‘it’ is, it’s up to us to take responsibility for it and choose to change our patterns.

If we stay in overwhelm too long it compromises our bodies, and it only takes more time to find our centre again. So daily practices that help us to maintain daily balance are one way to avoid the polarization of our energies. Deep breathing, meditation, walking in nature, being still, prayer, and play can be immensely nourishing. Listen to your body, and your inner child – s/he will tell you what you need. Then follow through!

No doubt, the unexpected can overwhelm us. But the strength of our inner core foundation that we nurture through our inner work and heart coherence will help us to be flexible and find our resilience more quickly. Staying in the “now” moment will keep us there.

Gentle, unconditional self-love will always bring us into harmony, because returning to our unification with God-Source is where we find truth and our true power again. We just have to be willing to go within and rest there, as often as it takes.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and cannot find your way back to balance by yourself, please reach out for support.

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