Coming to a Standstill



One day, months ago, I lay on my bed mid-afternoon and I couldn’t find a reason to move. It seemed that I couldn’t move, not even lift my baby finger or use my eyes to look around. I wasn’t meditating. It was just a few marvellous moments of deep, deep stillness. There was no ego-mind itching to analyze. There was no thinking. My body didn’t want to adjust itself or distract with action. There was no movement whatsoever except my breath. All was suspended. There was just awareness by my Observer Self of being profoundly still. Over the years, I have learned to be very still within, and this is a foundation to my being of service and my living, but this was a new level of complete inner quiet – zero point.

More and more, this point of neutrality has been overriding my thinking in waking state. Outside of meditation or healing focus, there are more spaces of ‘no thought’. More and more, words seem superfluous. The inner core Spirit is anchored and these are moments to fully allow rather than engage. This is a discernment we are all wise to mindfully learn, as it becomes more essential for aligning with the higher frequencies as a way of life.

This experience was connected to a correction to my mental body layer, which was significant since I hold a healing template in my Divine blueprint for the 3-6-9 axiatonal lines, chakras, and dimensional gates. Put into very simple terms, this configuration corresponds to the masculine architecture in the human and planetary Lightbody, and has been damaged through manipulation, creating density. When the sub-harmonic frequencies of these bodies are repaired and rebuilt they can allow for the intended correct energetic circulation of kundalini and spin of the merkaba, build the higher mental body, and merge with the female principle for sacred inner marriage/Hieros Gamos. This is what was being renewed through me. Synchronistically, this was all leading up to a planetary emancipation project with which I am participating, intending to anchor the Divine Mother Arc at these portals on Earth and assist in the repair of the damaged mental body fragments in these masculine consciousness grids.

I did question for a brief time whether this utter stillness was utter indifference. You see, since the mental body is the masculine body, I was also continuing to heal my bloodline and the way of my father, a Starseed who gave up long ago.  This energy was very tangible for me and a question of my commitment to my Highest Spiritual Purpose, Service Mission, and Highest Expression teetered in my awareness, with intensity. This was a challenging time. However, my choice was surrender and this is vastly different than his.

I share this personal experience with you because Starseeds and Indigos may now be experiencing a point of reset, and there are some parallels. While throughout our spiritual journey we always move through birth, death and re-birth, and they criss-cross in aspects of our lives in non-linear fashion, this renewal now is more delineated: it can feel like we come to a standstill to definitively separate that which must go from what is of value. We can feel pressure in this process of purification, as more ego structures die, and pure consciousness energy is distilled and refined. This is how we can experience the 6th stage in the cycle of ascension alchemy. We are diamonds in the making!


Surfacing in my choicepoints were memories of influential, limiting timelines: experiences of being attacked, betrayed, tortured and killed for standing in my truth and being authentically powerful. Those felt like times when I failed in my mission to bring Christ consciousness to Earth. But my goodness, what is possible now thanks to the return of the Divine Mother, just wasn’t possible then. It wasn’t possible for my father either. For both of us, and everyone, compassion and forgiveness is the only road to our true freedom. These false timelines can and must now collapse to serve the greater good of humanity’s consciousness.

You may also vaguely feel the fears of failing again, or fear of your power. As we ascend and embody each higher dimension, we meet up with more and more to clear, and these persecution memories, mission guilt, and feelings of deficiency are especially common for healing facilitators. Thankfully, the Avatar of Ascension Hieros Gamos Healing Intelligence Technology* is benevolently given to humanity to return us to our original Divine blueprint, and I offer profound ascension clearing through this consciousness field for those who resonate. This is integrated with energy psychotherapy, theta healing and healing vocals.

Absolute stillness is a beautiful thing. Let ego thoughtforms dissolve. Let the need for words abate. Trust in your natural evolution even when it feels like more pressure than you can bear.  Allow for clearing: be still, consciously participate, and ask for support if necessary. Purify and reset. Because after utter  stillness comes utter re-enchantment!

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