This article is intended to bring clarity to an important change taking place in the inner realms. While so much is transpiring in the outer world and in our Universal Time Matrix, there is a shift of epic proportions transpiring within. Most people will feel some rendition of this in their hearts. While others will feel it deeply and allow the changes to create a new reality. If you take […] Read more »

Coming to a Standstill


One day, months ago, I lay on my bed mid-afternoon and I couldn’t find a reason to move. It seemed that I couldn’t move, not even lift my baby finger or use my eyes to look around. I wasn’t meditating. It was just a few marvellous moments of deep, deep stillness. There was no ego-mind itching to analyze. There was no thinking. My body didn’t want to adjust itself or […] Read more »

Responding to Your Own Choices for Ascension

yield sign

There comes a time when we face a challenge that interrupts the patterns of what we know and do. Often we imagine that life will be worse. Instead, difficult days can be the manna for the ascension of our soul. Our response determines how gracefully we navigate the passageway. My client Suzy is a skilled practitioner who heals the subtleties of the body with her intuition and the skill of […] Read more »