This article is intended to bring clarity to an important change taking place in the inner realms. While so much is transpiring in the outer world and in our Universal Time Matrix, there is a shift of epic proportions transpiring within. Most people will feel some rendition of this in their hearts. While others will feel it deeply and allow the changes to create a new reality.

If you take what happens to consciousness on a regular basis, a shifting and transforming of energies that always brings about something more elevated through growth, and add a layer of generous support through the Holy Spirit, the end result is a quickening of energies that can’t be ignored. The world as we’ve known it is changing rapidly, and it’s up to us how well we align with it, while honouring our own personal path and learning.

This quickening takes the consciousness from the way it was to the way it can be moving forward. Meaning, in order to rise above the artificial intelligence timelines, there has to be an additional enhancement to the consciousness that comes not through conscious thinking, nor effort. It comes through a being state, of allowing energy to move as guided to the higher path of evolution, personally and collectively.

What’s required of the individual is not to think it through or mentally figure it out, or even actively track what is unfolding. It’s more about bringing oneself into the Eternal Now, so that the frequencies of the Christos-Sophia energetic codes are received into the consciousness, organically, through the observance of our authentic Divine nature, to form a higher awareness that simply wasn’t accessible before.

Generally speaking, this is how awakening occurs, how energy crosses a threshold of resistance in the consciousness and takes hold of a new perspective so that a new relationship with God is brought forward. But at this time, our Emerald Order Awakening is taking humanity to a refined energy of God consciousness, and an opening to possibilities that override the harm to Earth. Not unlike a mist of energy that is soft and subtle but has a profound effect nonetheless.

The energy that can be felt now is of a quality that’s free of some of the planetary miasma and burdens that have existed for thousands of years, and much longer. **One recent activation now liberating us is the dismantling of the gender reversals!! The sacred, balanced union of the feminine and masculine principles are fundamental in Divine design to the manifestation of all of natural life. However, the splitting of the feminine and masculine principles has been at the core of the negative alien’s agenda for Earth, to prevent our ascension and the restoration of the Hierogamic Christos-Sophia Heart Twinning in the Diamond Sun Angelic Human organic blueprint. These anti-sacred union, gender reversals have been responsible for the majority of humanity’s pain. They have been inherent in the extensive AI lunar matrix manipulations that distorted our 12D Tree of Life, and which we inherited upon incarnation. Therefore, the corrected gender reversals now shift the lunar imprints on our zodiac to solar alignment, while elevating consciousness to the ascending higher frequencies of the trifurcating timelines. Thank you God! It’s extraordinary to be on Earth right now as a witness and participant with this powerful shift.

The release that we’re experiencing can register as an intuitive knowing that something is different, or it can simply feel as though we’re living in a different field of awareness. It may feel quite unnamable and even unsettling because it means that life is changing to something new, something that is unfamiliar in its imprint. We can sometimes perceive this as too difficult or too much of an unknown but it’s here with gracious purpose.

We can compare it, narrate it with stories, judge it or even resist it to try to keep things as they’ve been, when we feel that the life that we’ve counted on is slipping away out from under us and we don’t know quite what’s next. It can feel as though the conditions to which we’ve been accustomed are unsteady and unreliable, and to the ego mind this signals caution, fear, anxiety, confusion, or even a sense of being lost.

But it’s not those things at all. The truth is that the consciousness is in the void, pregnant with pause, giving way to rebirth. And if we let go of the assessment and judgment, we can see that there’s a new way of being taking hold. It will bring with it lots of adjustment but it’s necessary and essential to the shift, to the expansion of the consciousness, and welcome to the lightbody that is integrating greater wholeness.

Looking at life right now, at your life, ask if there is something that’s changed for you. In the last month, what has been the journey for you? What has been directing you to a new balance or a new rhythm? If you’ve been isolating of late then you’re in step with the acceptance that inward attention is required to focus on your healing and your direct embodiment experience. While this was highlighted during the brief window of Scorpio (November 23-29), our intense evolutionary shifts may naturally call us to sequester more often to be One with God. You may say to yourself that the outer world, the chaos of distractions has disappeared. What you’ve known doesn’t hold as much interest, or more accurately, it doesn’t hold resonance. It doesn’t feel attractive. You may say that, instead, some part of you is feeling enriched by the deeper inner stillness and is often most nourished by that, even when the ego initially resists and wants it to be the way that it was.

The reason this is being brought to awareness right now is not because you must leave behind your life, the entire life that you know. It’s not that at all. It’s to recognize that it’s not so much what you are moving away from as what you are moving toward. The perspective is enormously different. If you hold this intention for yourself, to stay open to what you’re moving toward, the old falls away more gracefully, without worry, anxiety, fear, or concern, and less pressure. Certainly, without attachment. If you stay aware of what’s arising before you and view it as an invitation to grow, it feels like support, not abandonment or absence of foundation. What is arriving is alignment to the new God worlds. Your world. Our world.

You have choice to stay in the flow of your inner guidance, to keep trusting that your path is being shown to you. It takes courage to be in this energy, and it takes heart to remain soft, gentle and relaxed. It takes wisdom to discern what is true and what’s sitting just right beside that and not so true. But this is the self-mastery. This is the journey that we’re on. It can be an orchestration of surprises and challenges, mystery and miracles, often mixed with many mindful healing steps through old patterns of pain. To make it easier, call upon the Spirit of Diligence, the Spirit of Patience or the Spirit of Trust. What is always true is that God doesn’t choose to support you sometimes and other times not. Deepen that bond with prayer, heartfelt requests for support, and self-responsibility. God is always supporting you to be in your Highest Expression, and that door is swinging wide open to strengthen you. Now.

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