Take a Healing Breath of God

The way the world is unfolding right now is bringing a tremendous amount of pain and distortion to the surface, on a planetary level as well as personal. Consider that in order to ascend naturally and expand consciousness, the incompatible frequencies must be purged and healed.

It’s easier now to do so given the return of the Cosmic Emerald Order and the amount of dismantling that has occurred through the dimensions where the negative alien forces (NAA) wielded their manipulations upon humanity – mind control, cloning imposters of Christos beings, inorganic artificial intelligence, satanic ritual abuse and black magic, false identities, etc. But the consciousness of an individual has to be brought into alignment with what is transpiring in the corrected architecture of the collective human consciousness.

If you say to yourself that you can ride the storm the way you always have you’re likely to find that some of this is no longer relevant or as effective as it once was. This is because the time and space in which our planet now exists has moved from the 1-3D ego personality artificial timelines, with a strong anti-Christ stronghold in the 2D stargate of the instinctual ego body, to the 5D stargate at Machu Picchu in the 4-6D soul matrix of the 2nd harmonic universe. After 5 years, this shift is now completely locked in place and to be celebrated. And with this comes adjustments such as 4D astral purging, soul integration, and more reveals, but how exactly this continues to impact us remains to be seen since the dark forces will continue to try to leave as much destruction in their wake as possible, even knowing they have lost. We are having to live through the changes in this rebirth in real time as they happen. This is not a time to predict the future, but a time to align with your God consciousness in the present – and remain ‘here’ as much as possible. This is what takes us into movement that brings a higher quality of consciousness and life experiences. It’s also what moves us from the pain body to open up and reclaim our greater potential as a sacred, angelic human.

The pain body can be considered a collection of emotions that has been manipulated into existence by the NAA lunar forces. The purpose behind the pain is to generate a resource for their parasitic existence. So it’s worth asking yourself, “If anger, fear, hatred, frustration, disappointment, despair, shame, mistrust, unworthiness and all painful emotions bring me into the negative agenda, then what can I do to ensure that I’m not choosing to give my consent to them to use my energy to perpetuate their existence?”

There can be several answers to this but the first is the most effective and profound: do not choose it. Just say “no, I do not consent”!

Yes, it can be a challenge to choose this when you’re heaving in emotional pain or spinning in mental pain or even enduring physical pain. Yet, in all these instances recognize that there is a spiritual component. Whatever is expressing through you has a spiritual layer, which often is at the origin of that pain. It then stands to reason that, in the moment, the spiritual pain can be offset and even healed with spiritual love or joy from the heart. Rather than succumb to the victim consciousness that the pain is designed to impose, what if it was possible to observe the pain, feel it and allow it with compassion and forgiveness, but then recognize it’s not yours to keep anymore. In other words, it’s time has come to let it go. Allow a deep exhale and choose to leave it behind because it cannot come with you in your Higher Expression now. Make that very conscious and give your pain to God. (use my chant “Guided Meditation and Sound Healing for Letting Go”)

With certainty, this pain has multiple influences requiring healing, but there’s value in seeing the truth of what is before you and in you – an elaborate scheme to bring out the worst in you and in humanity collectively. It’s intended to make you their prey, and to hold you in enslavement. Do you want that?

This choice is always the first step. Decide you no longer give your consent to the NAA. Do this with conviction from your Krystal heart, and often, especially when faced with choices that support their agenda. Then breathe God’s Breath of Life through you to dissolve the pain and replace it with harmony. Allow your will to be Divine will. Yes, you are that powerful a healer!

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