Cosmic Christos Dragon Return

Even a brief exploration of the significance of dragon symbology will bring you into understanding that dragons have long been a part of legends and myths, often associated with war, power or even evil. But they have also meant good fortune, success and good health, especially in the Chinese culture. Their influence also can be found in Nordic history, Europe, Japan, America and Wales. Yet, as with many aspects of human consciousness, we inevitably find that truth is mixed with lies, and terms are distorted into different associations by the negative aliens so that we don’t remember our true origins – until now. The Solar Dragons are awakening and returning our cosmic consciousness to extend our understanding of the Cosmic Christos teachings. It’s not just our history, it’s integral to our way forward.

The Foundation

There are a few intertwined, overarching aims in our ascension process to first mention in this context:

  • To liberate humanity into the God-Sovereign-Free Ascension Timeline by resurrecting the organic cosmic order from the lunar, inorganic inversions and reversals of the anti-life negative alien agenda (NAA) and their Luciferian and Satanic hierarchies, which have distorted the God-created Earth body and human lightbody.
  • Reclaim our true spiritual nature as the Angelic Human, and the DNA architecture of the Diamond Sun Body.
  • Return the sacred balance of the hierogamic union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine gender principles – the Christos-Sophia, and its expansion.

The Unfolding

As our Sun circuits through its path in the procession of the equinoxes, the constellations and their alchemical laws serve as gateways for our consciousness development. So we’ve had years of opportunities to transform our ego consciousness, and reharmonize and unify with the eternal life of God’s Omniverse. The changes that have occurred in the heavens above have moved humanity from the dark eon, through the ages and into the new Aquarian Age. Of course, this is an ongoing evolutionary process for both the planetary body and her consciousness as well as the human lightbody.

The Diamond Sun 12-strand DNA lightbody was highly damaged during the Lyran Wars 20 million years ago by the invading Orion Groups, due to the fall of Solar Logos/Christos Consciousness from the Avatar Matrix (10-11-12D). The Krystal Guardians have been systematically working with us to regain the potential to live as an Eternal Christ Avatar being once again.

Throughout all this time, the Christos Family who are aligned with Cosmic Christ Unity Consciousness, have been in a war over consciousness. Our history is riddled with invasions, wars, conflicts, traumas, and a great deal of pain, inflicted through hatred and abuse, especially of the feminine. For many years we’ve lived without our mother, under a dominating patriarchy, and we forgot our true parents. We had to remember that we are children of God.

The Holy Cosmic Trinity – the Holy Mother Arc (13D Aquamarine), Holy Father Arc (15D Magenta) and Holy Christos-Sophia (14D Gold) – are all One as a Trinity of the Godhead in the 5th Harmonic Universe, from which all biological life is formed. The Zero Point God Matrix Field, the source of our genesis, projects itself through these Founder Flames as multi-dimensional life in the time-space fields, offering an infinite supply of God Creator energy. Our unconditional love aligns us with this Zero Point, to merge the magnetic female principle with electric male principle. This is also the healing capacity of the neutral observer and compassionate witness. Fear, which has been imposed through our ego consciousness and psycho-spiritual warfare, separates us from the stability and security of our God-Self. This is why 99% of our ascension is emotional ego healing. Clearing interfering influences allows the return of our Life Force, and the embodiment of this Inner Cosmic Trinity.

The reclamation of the Divine Feminine consciousness has been fairly recent relatively speaking. Gradually, layer upon layer, working through the dimensions to witness what happened in our history, and the captured stargates, grids and leylines in the Mother’s body, she is being freed from her enslavement by the lunar, parasitic controls, and black magic, baphomet and satanic ritual abuse networks of the Black Madonna Network. Misogyny and the sexual misery programs have been a direct assault on the feminine principle. The bi-wave closed systems creating reversals, miasma, toxicity and entropy have been dismantling and replaced with the organic matrix of tri-wave God consciousness to flow with life again. The Mother, the creator of life, has been returning to her rightful place and her true nature once again, rebirthing her “daughter”, the Sophianic body.

The Holy Father has also returned. While the Mother is the sound tones, the Father is the etheric Cosmic Spiritual Sun that provides eternal light in all of life. The Divine Masculine is also being corrected from having been perceived as a tyrannical False King, dominating False Father, and judgmental False God, all of which have lent themselves to our inner victim consciousness patterns, and inner violence.

This is the rebalancing of the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine for they are sacred partners, fulfilling the harmony of unified flow, in all things. Within, when balanced, our Inner Feminine gives us our healing and loving presence through trusting our emotions and intuition, and being receptive to what is. Our Inner Masculine then carries out that clarity and wisdom with direct, confident and powerful, compassionate action. This, of course, is an ongoing evolutionary process for our Earth and for each of us. We’ve come such a long way with the support of ascension hosting, first with the Melchizedek lineages, and now the Krystal Star.

Recent Momentum

With Eternal God consciousness the expansion is infinite. This is what we’ve been witnessing with our Milky Way.

When we look at the Holy Cosmic Trinity, dimensions 13-14-15, our Founder Consciousness emanations as described above, we must acknowledge that each of the 3 flames is extended in its expression to the Solar Rishi consciousness at the Universal level. Each has links to genetic lineages that have been seeded on Earth in our evolution:

  • Emerald Order – Solar Rishi Blue Ray – Elohim and Oraphim; seeding through 12D Universal Lyran Gate.
  • Gold Order – Solar Rishi Gold Ray – Seraphim, Cerez Avian bird people and Aeithan lines incarnated through the 10th Universal Lyra-Vega Stargate.
  • Amethyst Order – Solar Rishi Violet-Magenta Ray – Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama seeded through the 11th Lyra-Aveyon-Avalon Stargate.

The Rays have always been in a pre-matter state but they have now stepped down into matter, braiding into the Divine Mother’s planetary staff /vertical channel of the lightbody, if the lightbody is at that stage of embodiment, creating massive changes in architecture. In other words, this significantly supports the reclamation of the Feminine Principle so that it may meet the Masculine Principle through its horizontal channels in the Lightbody.

Each of these rays have intelligent expression to bring consciousness to humanity and restore self-knowledge, planetary knowledge and cosmic knowledge. Without the support of the Solar Rishic consciousness stepping down, we would remain caught in a level of disconnection. Instead, we now have greater access to the Diamond Sun templating of hierogamic union. For the vast majority of people on the ascension path, the sacred union of Divine Feminine and Masculine will be only expressed on the inner and is required prior to sacred union in outer marriage. This templating requires a great deal of spiritual dedication and embodiment of the entire 12 dimensions of the lightbody, which includes clearing of the ego personality layers, and integrating the soul, monad and avatar consciousness levels. Needless to say not everyone chooses this level of spiritual discipline. Yet, this Solar Rishic Consciousness that is now available for humanity has brought us beyond the reclamation of our Solar Avatar Consciousness that was lost so very long ago.

As the Mother returns we are discovering more of her massive presence. The Divine Mother reveals herself to be even more magnificent in her capacity given what she has been through at the hands of the deceivers, liars and imposters. The races that comprised the negative alien agenda would like to believe that they are more powerful than the Cosmic Consciousness and they cannot be that.

Dragon Awakening

The Holy Cosmic Mother is a Dragon Body, the 13th Solar Dragon Queen. Note the correction to the archetype of the Queen consciousness that has been subject to distortion in our history. (Think Queen of England!) Also known as the 13th Maji Grail Queen, she is the overseer of the Earth, as well as 4 God world realms that comprise the entire Universal, Galactic and Planetary consciousness, and overseer of the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. You may recall that about a year and half ago at 2020 Winter Solstice we had the momentous event of another entire Universe opening to correct the Mother’s organic Dark Matter Matrix that was hijacked by the NAA as part of the anti-Mother agenda. The Black Suns were evicted from 8D reconfiguring the galactic core of our Universal Time Matrix and metagalactic core connections into Andromeda.  It serves as an upgrade if you will to all the all-important trinity of 6-7-8D monadic embodiment, bringing the Krystal Diamond Heart into activation. This new 6th Harmonic Universe, dimensions 16-17-18, is completely dedicated to the Divine Mother, and has restored the correct morphogenetic field pattern for our Universal Mother sound vibrational patterns, and Sophianic consciousness embodiment.

Currently, the Dragon Consciousness is awakening in the Earth. There are 13 Dragon bodies in awareness and 8 are already being activated in various Earth locations. They are protectors of the planetary leylines and Christ Consciousness, and builders of the matter realm. They have been embedded in the Earth’s crust appearing to be dormant. Remarkably, they went into stasis long ago, recognizing the Divine timing that their presence would be needed once again on Earth. This is extraordinary to consider just how much humanity and Earth has been loved in a Divine plan. They bring liquid plasmas and vapours and living light codes through their solar consciousness into the grids.

Their awakening is timed with the Return of the Emerald Order Founders through the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation / Eukatharistic activation, which occurred in February 2022, reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Earth, and coinciding with the return of the Cosmic Mother Dragon Mary. There are Dragon body parts being reclaimed, and Dragon nodes that transmit Zero Point consciousness streams into the Dragon leylines. But of course, given that the human body is a microcosm of the macrocosm, this intelligence can enter into the nadial structure (etheric blueprint of the soul matrix governing the central nervous system) of the human lightbody when we’re in their presence at various geographic locations. It was always understood as part of the Cosmic Christos Teachings that we, as humans, in physical bodies, were an extension of God, vessels that held the same intelligence as the Universe.

These chalice points of Zero Point energy and their leylines were once highly respected and prayed upon by the Christos families, who understood the significance of communicating with the Earth body and the star constellations. Often we see that this is where cathedrals or churches were built to optimize spiritual communication. We’ve had several activated as planetary initiations.

Of course, in keeping with the hierogamic template, the Divine Mother has her masculine partner in sacred marriage, the 13th Solar Dragon Christ Michael/ 13th Maji Grail King. Again, we acknowledge here the return of the true, authentic King. He was one of the beings in stasis and was awakened by the Emerald Order Elohim in May 2021. He is the 13th Ring of Golden Fire surrounding the entire Earth in a Solar Dragon Ouroboros Line.

Bringing this all together as one example of activation, we have the St. Michael and St. Mary Dragon Lines in the south of Britain that cross each other at various points. The Sirius and Canopus constellation connections into Avebury Henge transmit DNA spirals of the unified masculine and feminine into these leylines. Last year, Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia was reawakened as the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess (the Solar consciousness of the female Sophianic body in a trinity expression), as was her sacred husband Solar Male Christ Michael (the Solar consciousness of the Christ masculine also is returning in trinity formation). This past Easter was their sacred wedding, giving birth to the Cosmic Christos Sophia offspring, or we can say the hatching of a Cosmic Golden Dragon Egg. This was called the global awakening Pearl Activation, mentioned in my April newsletter, unifying the pineal (7D female) and pituitary (6D male) glands with solar consciousness.

As above, so below: this synthesis from lunar to solar consciousness is one aspect in the 3 stages of our personal, long-and-involved sacred balancing embodiment process. Level 1 is soul body clearing and integration, Level 2 is monadic integration, and Level 3 is Avatar consciousness integration. Once we complete the embodiment of the third stage of inner hierogamic union we have reconnected with our true God Parents. This signifies the release from ego personality control and the birth of the Golden Embryo in the Solar Egg of our aura, at the Solar Sacrum, and the embodied Solar Christos-Sophia!

Of course, we cannot talk about the truth of Dragon consciousness without mentioning that there is the Black Dragon Collective, which can be described as anti-life, anti-Christ artificial intelligence (AI) shadow creatures that hijacked the 11th dimension and tunneled their way through the dimensions. They are directly linked to the inversion of the planetary female staff/vertical channel and the lunar distortions of the Feminine Principal as mentioned earlier.

…. and there is so much more!*

What Does All This Mean?

The Angelic Human has survived the tyranny, the bloodshed, the inversion of life, the trauma and drama rich with targeting of the Christos people and the Cosmic Christos sacred knowledge. The main message here is that at the same time that we see the horrors in our outer reality now, which of course, are deeply saddening, the return of Eternal God Consciousness is thriving. The Cosmic Christos Teachings are re-educating, reviving and bring new unification with our God intelligence. We have never truly been separated but there have been countless lives lost in genocides, wars, psychic warfare and AI infiltration, to prevent this all from happening. And well here we are: still standing, still Light-Sound Energy Beings, still loved and supported, and still expanding. How blessed are we that we can now remember who we are. I pray that we all do, as God would have it be.

*This newsletter would not have been made possible without the dedication of the hierogamic sacred couple of Lisa Renee and her partner Tomás of, and the Energetic Synthesis community. With deep respect for what it’s taken to arrive here, thank you, thank you, thank you God for their presence on Earth.

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