Overriding the Parasitic War

‘Rise Up!’ by Amâeil

There’s no question: we’re in a spiritual war between the Light and dark. The restrictions we’re experiencing didn’t begin a few months ago. We’ve been suppressed for thousands of years, not just by service-to-self humans but those extraterrestrials who provide the material and energetic resources to uphold the anti-life agenda down the hierarchy. When Earth was invaded and our consciousness fell there began a long history of systematic control of humanity. To realize our freedom we have to see the game at play: for each one of us this means naming and healing what is keeping us in consciousness lockdown.

Here’s what the negative forces are relying on right now. Which ones are programming and triggering you?

  • We’ve been traumatized and wounded so many times that we’ve disconnected from our self-worth and self-love.
  • We’ve disconnected from our true hearts. (They despise the fact that we have a higher emotional body /crystal heart – they do not have emotions.)
  • We don’t know truth from lies because we’ve been lied to all our lives about this reality.
  • We’ve forgotten that we’re spiritual, vastly creative, multi-dimensional beings having a human experience.
  • We can’t remember our origins and who we are because we’ve been memory-wiped.
  • We rely on the ego mind and the material world, rather than our inner knowing and our infinite nature.
  • We can be easily confused because we’ve forgotten how to think critically.
  • We care what people think about us and want approval and belonging so this stops us from standing out from groupthink and hive mind, and honouring our own values and beliefs.
  • We’re afraid of confrontation and speaking up.
  • We’re so busy just trying to survive daily life, and all the ever-changing rules and restrictions that we’ll feel worn out, hopeless, and defeated, declare we can’t possibly figure out what’s going on, and just comply.
  • We’ve forgotten how to breathe deeply and optimize our life force.
  • We can be manipulated by their psychological operations, inversions, reversals and black magic without knowing that we’re living in a spell with a distorted perception of reality.
  • We’ve blindly succumbed to their victimizer-victim, predatory-prey addiction programs, and divide and conquer strategies, so we’ll police and hate each other.
  • We give our power away to people with credentials assuming they know what’s right for us better than we do.
  • We like to please others even if it hurts us.
  • When everyone is saying the same thing we automatically think it’s truth but it can be mind control.
  • We don’t know how our organic body intelligence works so we’ll believe fake science.
  • We have fears and phobias of illness from previous pestilence timelines and germ warfare.
  • We bought the program that life should always be easy, fun and blissful rather than about our growth.
  • We dislike living in the unknown and want instant gratification, so we’ll give our consent to even harmful solutions.
  • We doubt that we make much difference as one person so we don’t make an effort.
  • We carry shame so we punish, criticize, diminish and enslave ourselves.
  • We accept inequality because we’ve lived with patriarchal domination and matriarchal subjugation for so long.
  • We have a tendency to want to go back to the way the things were. This means going back to tyranny.
  • We don’t know how powerful we are as a human beings so we’ll buy into the agenda to merge with machines to be better.
  • We’ve forgotten how to genuinely play, laugh, dance, dream and raise our vibration.
  • We live in fear more than love.
  • We’re afraid of death.

What the negative forces do not count on.

  • Humans are amazingly resilient.
  • We want the truth and most often realize that we can handle the truth. It’s the realization that we’ve been manipulated that hurts.
  • Our hearts know the frequency of truth.
  • We may feel lost at times, but all it takes is someone to point us in the right direction for our consciousness to awaken. We can be catalysts to others.
  • We are connected to the Life Force of the Creator and this is always accessible. It’s our foundation.
  • We can handle change: we live through change all our lives, every day, with every breath.
  • Our painful emotional triggers alert us to where we’ll find freedom. (Please remember ascension is 99% emotional healing. You have to feel to heal.)
  • We can now educate ourselves on our galactic history and our multi-dimensional nature. It’s not such a secret anymore.
  • We have the innate intelligence to heal.
  • We can learn to stand in our power.
  • The desire to connect with like-minded and like-hearted people is inherent in our Unity consciousness.
  • We know the feeling of a suppression and fear versus the feeling of freedom and love.
  • Our light is more powerful than our shadow, our life force is more powerful than our pain.
  • We are each here in this Divine orchestration, purposely.
  • Witnessing the pain, suffering and deception through our Compassionate Observer changes it.
  • Living according to the God-given natural laws of the universe overrides the darkness.
  • We can use our power of intention to change our reality.
  • We feel the difference between love and fear.
  • Our soul is always wanting to move in the direction of consciousness expansion, so that we can keep waking up. We can ascend.
  • We can forgive.
  • We are God’s love made manifest.

So we do not have to give our consent to the liars and deceivers. We are allowed to claim our rights and freedoms.

  • We have the right to life.
  • We have the right to ask questions.
  • We are allowed to challenge the controlled narrative.
  • We are allowed to trust our intuition, our impressions, and our feelings.
  • We are allowed to honour our truth.
  • We have the right to make our own choices.
  • We have the right to free thought and to be heard and be seen.
  • We have a right to privacy and sovereignty.
  • We have the right to protect and defend ourselves from violation.
  • We have the right to be treated with respect and equality.
  • We have the right to truth and transparency.
  • We have the right to reason.
  • We are allowed to love.
  • We have the right to hug others if we want to.
  • We are allowed to feel good.
  • We have the right to breathe in oxygen – always.
  • We are allowed to decide what goes into our bodies.
  • We have the right embrace our creativity.
  • We have the right to reclaim and know who we are.
  • We have the right to laugh, dance, sing and celebrate that.
  • We have the right to unite.
  • We have the right to be peace.
  • We have the right to be free.

Remember, these are our GOD-GIVEN birth rights.


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