Discerning Fear vs. Truth

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Discerning truth from fear programs is critical now, though not always easy. On Earth, fear is pushed as truth, and truth is feared.

Fear has been wound tightly into our brains, cellular memory and energy fields. The instinctual and limbic brains naturally serve to register fear, but their capacities have been rendered less discriminating by being pummeled with deceptive games, anti-life agendas, holographic mind control, transhumanism, splitting of masculine and feminine energies, victimization addiction patterns, traumas in our human history, and disinformation, to name a few. Fear-mongering has become normalized, justifying the increasing abuse of power, and deepening humanity’s anxieties and over-reactions. It all creates contraction of the body. Fear drives enslavement, insecurity, conformity, apathy and confusion!

In fear, our perception is skewed and narrow, and we can latch onto one possibility in the future, the mind tricking us into believing it’s predictable and definitive. We are then vulnerable to whatever manipulations are intentionally put before us by the controllers, both personally and collectively, to try to interfere with our accelerating shifts in consciousness. So our fear has become a poor mechanism for perceiving what’s true, and yet we can have a tendency to use our fear to decide what we will and won’t allow or accept: if we feel fear, we may close our mind and automatically pull away from further exploration, push away options, or attach to our beliefs. We then limit our capacity to see truth.

We have many reasons to be discerning about what’s coming into our fields, and what’s driving our behavior. We have to pay attention to what we are allowing through our frequency and our consent. There are various key fears than have been, and can be, implanted in human beings, some being fear of emotion, love, being alone, inadequacy, rejection, and the unknown. Others are seeded in our DNA strands or have influences from genetic race memories, galactic wars, invasions, cataclysms, genocide and traumas. They may stem from childhood programs, artificial timelines, off-planet experiences, or un-manifest states. Negative Spirits of various kinds will control and stir fear. Worry, anxiety, feeling unsafe, suicidal thoughts, polarity thoughtforms, defensiveness and divisiveness, discrimination, vengeance, scarcity, tyranny, powerlessness, self-doubt, and disconnection from the heart are all aligned with fear programming.

The time has come to reclaim our multi-dimensional awareness and normalize this as a way of being in life: to accept that this is who we are, rather than labelling our non-ordinary consciousness experiences, synchronicities, and inner knowing as “crazy”, “weird”, or “out there”, which lean into fear of the unknown. In truth, we are infinite consciousness, and we exist in multiple dimensions that we have the potential to access. Our nervous system is connected to every dimension of our being, not just the 3rd dimensional reality as described above. Naturally, as we spiritually expand into higher dimensions it undergoes sensory and motor adjustments, developing our higher sensory perception. Then our brain runs less on fear-based survival programs. This is when we begin to truly appreciate that our sense of safety is with our inner connection to Source.

Therefore, using discernment through our Highest God-Self is far more accurate than allowing our fear to serve as our barometer. When we command our space and centre with Spirit, we are able to see and meet truth through our heart and compassionate zero point witnessing. This provides clarity. It feels empowering and expansive. If we’ve had a direct experience where we’ve faced truth without fear, we can re-anchor that body memory to fortify our core Spirit. For those unfamiliar with this self-assured state, it’s wise to establish a spiritual discipline that nurtures this inner knowing, so that in our changing Earthly experiences, the Higher Self can more easily discern deception from truth.

We know that our higher frequencies can override lower frequencies, so our power is in sustaining our Source Light by committing to releasing our fears and our lower vibrational states, remaining aware, and actively commanding our sovereignty from the enslavement and fear programs. If you wish to receive my support please call.

There is a lot of trickery, and shades of truth in our reality. Yet, when we are willing to operate from an open mind and informed awareness, and see what is in front of us, through our Highest Expression, it can only liberate us into greater choice: we either align and consent with fear, or align with our Divine truth and consent to God consciousness as our only authority.

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