I Know Who I AM Now

'january 29, 2011 150' flickrcc.net

‘january 29, 2011 150’ flickrcc.net

Everybody has moved into another level of their self-mastery. So it feels true to me that every person right now has to step up and be more spiritually diligent to bring their field into greater unification with the Source of all creation and with the natural laws.

It may feel to some like you are having to do this just as life feels overwhelming or uncertain. For others, it may feel that you have already moved into the depths of your mastery. But each person, whether new on the spiritual path or seasoned, has to accept a deep truth: “I am responsible for myself and whatever it takes to feel Light, to be Light, and shine Light is totally up to me.”

Sometimes we want this not to be the case. We think that we can delude or lie to ourselves and put away what keeps bothering or challenging us, but nothing can be farther from the truth right now. So it may take some resolve to move forward at this timing. If it feels like you have to pull yourself up from the bootstraps one more time, then so it is. I know this feeling well. Often it can feel like this as we awaken through this density, and its intensity depends on your blueprint, Soul-Spirit’s journey and purpose. However, it is not about pushing or being more. It’s about greater self-awareness, consistency and choosing commitment – as often as necessary. The benefit is that when interference or the unexpected jars your reality, you are able to stay steady in your centre. Many people have plenty of practice in this, and each experience is an opportunity to fortify your Presence.

Life can feel very effortful if you recognize that what you are experiencing is not exactly serving you, but you are not taking the time to look at it, turn it over, and ask yourself what needs to change. Instead, you do a superficial review and hope for the best. This is understandable to some degree because part of the negative control agenda on this planet is to wear us down with all the day-to-day requirements of our material world, so that there is no to little room for reflection, for connecting with one’s soul, for opening into greater possibilities, or for seeing ourselves in the Light of who we truly are. While it can be unsettling and even daunting to think of how much lies before you to heal, it is less challenging if you remember that your foundation is your ever-accessible Divine connection to Source.  No matter where you are on your journey, even if it’s relatively new, you have the choice of connecting with your Higher Self to help you through your healing. To continue to indulge yourself in ego’s version of who you are will never help you to grow. It will entangle you in a game of deception and pain. It will talk you out of choices that can expand your consciousness. Nor can you wear the rose-coloured glasses and avoid the shadow. Your growth just won’t happen. And yet, this is often what people try to do. So always connect with your Higher Self and offer up inquiry from your sincere heart. Listen – attend to what comes back to guide you. Accept it. What you don’t like in your life, heal. Always, always, always do this with loving kindness and gentleness with yourself. As for what you already love, love more deeply.

'Grounded' flickrcc.net

‘Grounded’ flickrcc.net

To know yourself is a cornerstone of a stable foundation and strong core. It means knowing your body, your heart – what closes it and what opens it, character strengths and skills, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, your fears, triggers, and the threshold of your comfort zone. It means knowing which pivotal choices have moved you forward, and which stories you are still choosing to hold you back. It also means knowing yourself as a multi-dimensional being, as a sound-light body and the vast experiencer of consciousness who is being reclaimed, integrated and embodied into wholeness. This requires deeper self-reflection, self-honesty, and a willingness to listen in the quiet of your centre. Do not shy from what is your truth. Even a little bit of inner inquiry will yield some insight – be willing to honour it. Now.

'Blossom' flickrcc.net

‘Blossom’ flickrcc.net

The next phase of emergence into one’s Highest Expression will unfold differently for each person, but these three questions can serve everyone. We are all evolving with the planetary and collective consciousness. Everything is in movement. So you can inquire:

  • What would create the most positive change for me in my consciousness expansion now?
  • What would bring me into deeper truth with myself now?
  • What would open my heart to myself now?
you are here

“you are here” – image source unknown

Stay in the present with yourself, and stay in your body. Fill your well with joy and play to balance the intensity. And know that each moment held in love, in truth, is another moment of moving mountains on this planet to uphold the beauty that is God’s creation. It has been that always, though perhaps hidden behind the manipulations, deceptions and pain. Now is the time to bring it forward, through you, to let it be known again as it has truly been, but brighter, celebrated and free.

♥ G ♥ S ♥ F

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