New Phases of Self-Mastery



Due of the hidden knowledge of our multi-dimensionality, we can be especially challenged to figure out what’s truly going on in the spiritual phases of our lives. For example, we may feel that we’re stuck, struggling, unable to “move forward”, or “make something happen”. Generally, there can be an inorganic block that is causing this, whether it’s emotional wounding from childhood, influences from other timelines, or the current planetary influences. However, we can also feel stalled when our Soul-Spirit is calling us to participate with our evolution in a new way. If we knew ourselves more fully in our wholeness, we could more easily sift through the complexity of layers.


‘Awakening’ by Amâeil

A phase in life can be presenting the opportunity to awaken to a different way of being in this world. Without some insight, it can be a little complex because sometimes it’s a little of both the organic and inorganic. For example, I often have individuals reach out to me at about age 33 because they want to move past the difficulties that are intensifying. Yet, age 33 is an organic “alarm bell” of spiritual awakening, so these challenges can be serving as catalysts for change in consciousness.

It’s worth noting that each time we are ready to embody a new dimension in our multi-dimensional self, the “block” we are experiencing can be reflecting numerous possibilities: a necessary period of incubation, a time to release the obsolete or unsupportive aspects of our lives, the need to address a specific healing, rest to allow the upgrade to our blueprint into the trinitized form/tri-wave, re-organize and re-stabilize, develop clarity about our soul’s learning and purpose, or move into a new way of aligning with our energetic truth. So while things seem stalled, the “block” can be in the misunderstood perception of this phase of life. Listening to our higher guidance and our body’s needs supports our process.

Returning Memory

‘Returning Memory’ by Amâeil

Identifying these phases for what they are can be tremendously helpful.  When we open into higher awareness, we may experience stronger higher sensory perception and see and sense what we didn’t previously, become conscious of long-dormant subconscious memories and multi-dimensional experiences, and have energy initiations and periods of integration. Having a context for what is taking place minimizes fear, and assists us in embracing the experience. In such cases, where we are being called to a new level of self-mastery, also having support from someone with ascension experience like myself can truly ease the confusion, expand our spiritual knowledge of what it means to be multi-dimensional, and anchor how to command our energy at new levels of consciousness. This all helps us to stay grounded and self-supportive.

The journey of spiritual self-mastery is the path to your freedom. Rest in gratitude for all of life’s experiences and phases.

Phasing In and Out

‘Phasing In and Out’ by Amâeil

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