What Does the Planet Have to Do with Your Healing?

‘Reclaiming Earth’s Grids’ by Amâeil

Our planet is an amazing, organic living creation of God consciousness. So are you.

But our world has also been corrupted for millions of years with traumas and controls that have made it unnatural in many ways.

Your energy body, your nervous system and brain, and all your cells hold these memories too. Your emotional pain comes not only from your childhood but the many other lives you’ve lived, and your body’s connection to the Earth’s body. You are the microcosm to the macrocosm. What has happened and happens to the Earth body, both positively and painfully, impacts your physical body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

Without question, the Earth is healing profoundly with immense benevolent support. And you can too. However, as it heals, the truth is still mixed with deceptions, the light is mixed with the dark, and that’s confusing.

The deceptions by negative forces are being revealed and people can see that in the news. However, it’s far more distorted than many people are aware, even those who have been on a healing journey a while. Why? Humanity’s been kept in the dark about it so that we can be controlled. The dark agenda has been to keep humanity separated from the vitality of the Earth, and the trust in the Life Force that created it All.

Confusion creates fear and instability. It doesn’t feel safe. This contributes to your pain.

Some people don’t like talking about the darkness thinking it will bring more darkness to their life.

The truth is that the darkness is already present. It’s in the planetary body and it’s in you – it’s your shadow self, your ego, and this is what’s causing your pain. However, the deeper you’re willing to heal your pain the brighter your inner God-Light becomes.

Please know that in a healing session, we talk about this when you feel ready and as it’s relevant to your healing.

In my experience, when I start introducing the concepts about the dark agenda on the planet and how that’s relevant to your emotional pain, it often brings relief!!

Like many people, you may have already sensed there was more to our reality than what you’ve been told and learned. Maybe as a child you had unusual, other-worldly experiences but you were judged or dismissed. Maybe you still stay silent about them for fear of being alienated.

And yet, that only adds to your pain.

The truth is more accessible than ever before. Learning about both the light and the dark empowers you to know the difference, and choose healing love over fear.

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