Living Beyond Light and Dark:

Polarities, Integration, and Synergy

tri-wave frequenciesAt the time of writing this article it remained to be seen how things would unfold. With August’s very positive electromagnetic shift to access higher levels of Christ consciousness and changes to the masculine principle, we saw the amplification of the polarities and increased manipulation by the dark forces. It happens this way often, and in September we witnessed the escalation in Syria, which is located in a heavily infiltrated horizontal planetary grid that relates to the masculine principle. Many may not understand why drama and violence keep reoccurring in this area: it’s an armageddon/9-11 enslavement program, and you have choice in it.

The dark forces and Light are not at war. For starters, Light doesn’t war or manipulate. Secondly, darkness cannot hide in Eternal Light. Thirdly, even beyond the healing integration of polarities there is a synergy taking place – and this is where we are making strides.

Every living thing is based in the natural laws of polarity here. Our physical expression is weighted in one polarity but every person’s energetic being holds both polarities; the right side of our body is the male principle and positively charged electron, while the female principle is the left side of our body and negatively charged proton. Therefore, like the planet, we are electro-magnetic. Both have value although they are not always balanced or honoured.

The duality of Light and dark has been prevalent in the perception of our 3D reality and peppers our Earth language: right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, and positive/negative. Other variations of polarity archetype thoughtforms have also been implanted by service-to-self beings manipulating our planet to warp our self-perceptions in this matrix: victimizer/victim, predator/prey, master/slave, greater than/less than and important/insignificant.

At the early stages of spiritual awakening the awareness of darkness and Light has value. Both Light and darkness are part of our direct experiences in coming to know the Self. To truly know one you must know the other; the absence of Light/joy/peace serves to inform the directional shift to Spirit, while Light is the source of illuminating ego’s illusions. The deeper you are willing to see into your darkness and heal, the more magnificently you radiate your Light.

Yet, eventually we begin to recognize that bouncing back and forth between the polarities is cyclical and tiresome. Similarly, polarizing into the extremes of Light or dark and its various forms is also ineffective. Living in the extreme of the darkness can be debilitating as ego structures are dead energy. Light is alive, but only seeing Light can be equally unhealthy because then one is in denial of the shadow. The latter is called spiritual bypass and it perpetuates an alignment with false Light.

The ego personality will also create polarities of sub-personalities to cope with fears. For example, the good girl persona can be created to garner attention and approval by following the behaviour deemed right by her parents. But when the effort doesn’t yield its reward as hoped, and it becomes too unsatisfying or restrictive, the ego will create another persona such as the rebel, who just loves to defy authority. Both act out of fear that they will not get their needs met, and neither stands in their authentic power.

Integration of the polarities brings about wholeness and neutrality. From a psycho-spiritual perspective, this occurs when one can bring the attributes of each polarity to the “middle” to create balance and eliminate the need for either. For example, the good girl can offer the rebel the wisdom of respecting boundaries and co-operation, while the rebel can offer the good girl the experience of non-conformity and suggest she honour what feels right to her. Together, they soften into someone who can give herself attention and self-approval by respecting her own individuality as well as others’.  In doing so, authentic power re-anchors.

From an energetic-spiritual perspective, neutrality is alignment with Eternal Light/Consciousness. Our language is a barrier to describing to the difference between Light and infinite consciousness, and so often they are used interchangeably from a mental level. My direct experience, however, is that eternal consciousness is absolutely neutral in its concern for ascension. To understand this mentally through ascension mechanics, it can be said that it is an embodied alignment of the monad (chakra dimensions 7-9) in that only Source leads as the influence in one’s life. Higher Self and group consciousness overrides lower, personal motives.

When one is still operating from polarity, the ego’s lack of discernment will still distort the understanding of neutrality: it will use neutrality to justify disconnection from painful emotions and avoid processing feelings. This is an important point; neutrality is engaged detachment through the Observer of the Higher Self and a direct function of the soul body, and is not severed from feeling or senses, which is dissociation.

At this timing in the evolution of Earth and humanity, the existence of both Light and dark creates our material reality, but with great imbalance: our free will has been usurped for eons by the dark forces, and there is no longer a natural existence of darkness to allow the unfolding of choice into higher expressions of Light for ascending consciousness development. Instead, there are patterns of dead energy in our original Divine blueprint that have been repeatedly unresolved, resulting in de-evolution of human genetics and disintegration of soul bodies. Similarly, there are planetary grids like the grid connected to the Middle East, which hold much distortion.

With the return of the Unity Consciousness/Cosmic Christ Consciousness intelligence field we are creating a new synthesis of our polarity architecture from a bi-wave into a tri-wave structure. I see this as synergy though because the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts; a third field of energy is re-awakened to perpetually exchange with Source! This accessibility from our Universal Core allows us to heal the distortions in our Divine blueprint and embody the neutral energy field. It also repairs the planetary grids.

Our choicepoint on this planet now is evolution or de-evolution. We have many Light beings supporting us and giving us this opportunity to choose this reclamation of Christ consciousness. Through more awakened beings that are willing to see the darkness and see beyond the veil of distortion to choose truth, we are moving toward the neutrality of sacred inner marriage.

You hold the key to this choice in personal energy field. The distortions in your physical and subtle energy bodies that are inorganic to your nature or dead energy will place limitation on your consciousness and that of the collective. For this reason, the Guardian Alliance has provided the Hieros Gamos multi-dimensional healing intelligence system, which takes into account your precise healing needs in alignment with the current ascension state of the planet. No matter how it seems on the outer, you can choose to live beyond light and dark and remember your Infinite Self.

My gratitude to Lisa Renee and the Guardian Alliance for their teachings and clarity.

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