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“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”
~Astrid Alauda

If you’re a fan of Eckhart Tolle and have read his book A New Earth, you may remember the term ‘pain-body’. It is a concept worth knowing that can open the mind and enable healing. However, identifying with our peacebody is far more, well, peaceful!

The pain-body is anti-life. It gets triggered when we resonate with an unresolved emotional upset from the past. We slip into the visceral container of our hurt, sadness, anger or grief and keep company with our wounds and negative thoughts. They like to commiserate. When this happens our perspective is clouded with stormy filters and fear pulls every drop of vibrancy into a sucking vortex, like murky waters circling down a drain. It doesn’t take long before we’re consumed by the pain-body, quite literally.

Our neuropeptides, the chemical messengers in our body, carry our thoughts and emotions to our organs and cells. In simplified terms, when disharmonious thoughts arise, toxic emotions are automatically invited to be passengers on these transmitters. Together they arrive and shake hands with the receptors. The hypothalamus is grand central, receiving them with open arms. This small gland in the brain controls the release of our hormones, adrenal glands, appetite, body temperature, the functions of our heart and lungs, and our systems of digestion and circulation. Every aspect of our immune system is impacted by neuropeptides as well. So it’s safe to say that when the pain-body acts up it infiltrates countless pockets and pathways in our body. When activated repeatedly we compromise our wellness.

 There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and  the things you are doing are right for you.
That criterion is: have they brought you inner peace? If they have not….. keep trying.
Peace Pilgrim

Fortunately, as with all great things in this Universe, our bodies were designed with the intention of balance. Emotions are integral to our human experiences. Old pain is inevitable for we bear the energy of eons filled with conflict, violence and pain. Particularly in this timing of our ascension we are releasing a great deal of this history from our DNA. But we can support ourselves by choosing our thoughts and emotions to ensure our neuropeptides carry out their original regulatory and harmonizing function.

With positive thoughts and emotions the journey of these peptides can be peaceful play. Stillness, ease and calm can send soothing signals throughout our atoms so they release, relax, and settle into their God-given vitality.  There are a myriad of ways to enable this (see Peace Practices below). A gut wrenching experience then turns into relief, constricted breath becomes expansive, adrenals know there is no need to fight or flee, and the life force of our blood flows without restriction. The mind is cleared, the emotions lift higher and the body responds to its nurturing. Joy resounds. Then, one peacebody at a time, we build a New Earth!

“We are all cells in the same body of humanity.”
Peace Pilgrim

Side note to Lightworkers: depending where you are in relation to the waves of ascension symptoms that come through, you may be responding to this article with some feeling of frustration and asking, “What peace?”.  Instead you may be feeling that the void; a very unemotional, neutral state. It sounds appealing but it may not feel peaceful. Rather, it can feel quite awful, as though you’ve left behind all measures of hope, motivation, or will. However, know that it’s only uncomfortable because, as emotional creatures, we are not used to this degree of stillness. This void is necessary for the body to adjust to the higher frequencies of consciousness. Therefore do not push past this grace. Instead BE in it and allow this miraculous integration. Trust there is much more going on than you consciously know. Trust the Creator and the Divine plan. BE in the now. BE in appreciation and peace; these are valuable gifts you can give your remarkable, transforming self.


Peptide Peace Practices:

Neutralizing or pivoting a negative chain reaction by our peptides requires practice before mastery. Perhaps these peptide practices will help you move toward thriving and tranquil health.

With any of these practices it is essential to first generate life-affirming emotion. Remember peptides are the transporters of our emotions. Invoking joy is immediately uplifting. Alternatively, opening the heart to feelings of gratitude, beauty, love or compassion is equally effective.

Then remember that anything we take into ourselves, no matter in what form – images, thoughts, words, food or sound – has a field of consciousness. Therefore, through all forms, you can offer your neuropeptides the opportunity to be carriers of peace. Here’s how you can have fun:

  • Before you consume any food flood it with joy just as you did for your body. Visualize every morsel being smothered in joy. Then eat with gusto.
  • Chant “joy, joy, joy” or “peace, peace, peace”. Any language will do. Especially good before bed. Let this be the last conscious thought riding on your neuropeptides.
  • Imagine a rubber stamp with “joy” carved into it and see yourself stamping “joy” onto your hormone receptor with sparkly blue-green ink. Go crazy. Be like a child who just discovered ink stamps!



There are many types of peptides, so this is just one image you can use.

  • Imagine your peptides in your mind’s eye and direct your monologue to them: “We’re going to have tremendous joy today.” Keep repeating it. Be sure to smile and mean it. With consistent practice your peptides will readily receive this energy quickly and respond willingly.
  • Tune your ears to nature’s peaceful sounds – birds chirping, children giggling, brooks bubbling, gentle rain falling, crickets chirping, cats purring. Be sure to tell your peptides that this sacred listening is just for them.

Be the peace. Book a healing session.