To Live in Highest Expression

sunThe Highest Expression of an individual is that individual’s demonstration of their greatest possible alignment with God in a given moment. To live each day from our Highest Expression is to commit to choosing our intent and consent to be aligned with the Law of One, and choosing our authority to be our Highest Source. We know that only God can support and guide us in truth. The ego never will.

Our Highest Expression, however, can get sidetracked with negative ego, or we can feel that our Highest Expression gets compromised with all that gets thrown at us day by day. Let’s first acknowledge though that we are each doing the very best that we know: in each moment we hold a state of consciousness that is comprised of many influences and our choices are based on that. This is true even when, in hindsight, we tell ourselves that we knew better but didn’t make the highest choice. But we didn’t for some reason. Can we be gentle with ourselves anyway? We’re allowed to make mistakes so to speak. We can stop feeding the negative alien agenda through self-victimization and open a loving heart to ourselves, witness our choice and learn. Yes, it is challenging to be human right now and we each deserve self-validation and self-acceptance when we get up each day and put forth genuine effort and intentions for ourselves, our families, our neighbours and humanity. For those of us on a sincere path of love and restoring the higher heart this is not a path of bliss or easiness. It is a path of dismantling and letting all that is not true fall away. We are courageous. Please pause now, take a deep breath, and give yourself a hug!

It’s also true that living our Highest Expression doesn’t just miraculously appear because we want it. It comes about through intention, ego discipline and spiritual diligence. It takes commitment to clear our inner deceptions and the lower frequencies so that the higher frequencies can anchor into our bodies and we become embodied Christ consciousness. This is a gradual process and one that requires patience. We cannot rush our ascension but we can consciously participate with it and doing our inner work.

Remembering that the love in our hearts is the only energy that connect us all, and that overrides any and all negative forces and agendas, focusing on opening our hearts in sitting meditation is vitally supportive. For some this will mean intending to open the higher heart/chakra 8. Taking the time to feel open-heartedness in our body and anchoring it in our own quiet time, will make it easier to put it into practice when we are engaging in life’s challenges and conflicts. This is not false astral bliss we are after, but the ability to be compassionate, neutral witness. The true practice is to hold an open heart with ourselves even when we could get upset with ourselves, or with another when they are being difficult, when they don’t understand us, or when they are unkind. In other words, a defensive posture in life will only create more separation. Harmony brings unity. So we drop any ego agenda and become non-attached to outcome. It doesn’t mean being cold and careless. And, of course, this does not mean overlooking our own authentic power and boundaries.

12D ShieldAs we begin our day, we can use the 12th Dimensional Shielding Technique and declare our intention to operate from our Highest Expression. The Spirits of Christ are the fundamental virtues for a harmonious life and are helpful as reminders. We can take some time to translate these virtues into behaviours (things that we say and do) that we can put into practice and are meaningful for us.

Spirit of Diligence * Spirit of Discipline

Spirit of Generosity * Spirit of Humility

Spirit of Kindness *  Spirit of Patience

Spirit of Purity

We can choose our Higher Self moment to moment by staying in witness to our lower-formed thoughts of ego and the imposter Spirits that deceive and contribute to our inner and outer conflict. We might note that when we are in any battle with ourselves, whether it’s tiredness, frustration, feeling that we’re running out of time in the day to get everything done, or worrying about making ends meet, or even that we are not progressing on our spiritual path as we would like, that this all comes from the lower bodies of the ego personality. Just bringing this to awareness alone can be helpful. In this moment of observation a choicepoint is present, an opportunity to choose a different reality for ourselves. Our diligence is with letting the ego die, not bolstering it with self-judgment.

When we find ourselves off-centre, we can use our own effective way of bringing ourselves back into Unity with our God-self: a mantra, a breathing technique, or body posture can re-align us into our centre. One effective way is to put our hand on our stillpoint (the energetic centre between the lower heart and solar plexus where the ribs part) and say “stillpoint”. Then declare “I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM free!” (See Quick Spirit Re-alignment).

Finally, when we have those moments when we feel the darkness in the world and our gentle hearts hurt with what we witness here, we can be Divinely human: we can cry if we need to and move out the pain and fear, but then let’s also remember that nobody and nothing can take away the love of our caring hearts. If we feel the dissonance it’s because, in truth, we are much more than the negative agenda being assigned to us. As humans, we have the ability to embody Christ consciousness. Each one of us makes a difference. We are not powerless. When we are the sacred vessel of “now moment” consciousness we return all to God-Source Light. We reignite truth and restore possibility. This is when we become fearless and impenetrable. Spirit is our safety and our freedom.

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