Voiding the Victim

shadowIf asked to describe victim consciousness, many people would express their understanding that it’s a state of helplessness, or being taken advantage of, or living from a viewpoint of suffering. This state of being is also most commonly acknowledged when abuse is being perpetrated on another. Yet, in all my years of healing facilitation, I’ve come to witness many more manifestations of victim consciousness that are much more subtle, and for this reason, often go unrecognized as such. As we move toward self-mastery in this process of ascension there is no room for the victim to continue to define our life story in any way. We are required to face the shadows of our subconscious and look carefully in the dark corners.

Victim consciousness is a state of being wherein we view ourselves and our world from the perspective that things happen to us. Therefore, knowing that, in truth, we are Divine, creative beings with the capacity to choose our own thoughts, feelings and actions, it would be easy to sweep all unhealthy, ego-driven behaviours into the catch-basin of “victim consciousness”. However, as you review this more defined list below, please be willing to be honest with yourself as to which of these apply to you, even if they only show up in one area of your life, or with certain people, or even if you have been on a conscious journey for many years. In doing so, you empower yourself to the possibility of change.

  • manipulating energy
  • running to others for answers before checking with your inner wisdom
  • denying or avoiding the truth of a situation to keep the illusion intact
  • denying your feelings
  • not respecting yourself
  • automatically answering ‘I don’t know” as a first response to any dilemma
  • seeing only in black and white, which limits your power of choice
  • taking things personally
  • feeling helpless to stand up for yourself
  • excessively worrying
  • looking to others for validation
  • recycling unnecessary, painful emotions and dramas
  • hanging onto regrets
  • fighting with yourself
  • justifying hurtful actions
  • not expressing your own needs
  • putting yourself last
  • being afraid to express your hurt or anger in a conflict
  • focusing on another’s behaviour instead of taking responsibility for yourself
  • seeking attention
  • being afraid of failure
  • not taking action on your clear intuitive guidance
  • sitting in paralysis on an issue
  • procrastinating
  • disconnecting from your Spirit
  • letting yourself believe that someone will rescue you from a difficult situation
  • refusing an offer of help when it would beneficially release you of struggle
  • avoiding a change in your life that you know is required

No matter which patterns you recognized in yourself, it is, without question, possible to use core pattern release and energy psychotherapy to clear this victim energy that you are currently holding. The process of inquiry, as the foundation of these methods, is powerful for unraveling false mental be[lie]fs, stimulating emotional catharsis, and resolving inner conflict that is the source of dis-sease patterns. It’s really as simple as shining a focused light on the issue to dissolve the dark energy. Whether you have been holding it in your field since childhood, or past incarnations from eons ago, my experience and intuitive guidance will take us to the root of it for a life-changing shift in you.

You are a vessel of Divine Light and it is your birthright to experience yourself in this way by clearing away the debris of limiting victim programming. If victim consciousness is still operating in your daily living and you haven’t taken steps to transform it, ask yourself, “Why not?” What’s your payoff for hanging onto it? This moment is a new choicepoint; free your Self.

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